Wednesday, February 19, 2020

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Ram Caterers Will Make Your Event Sparkle

(Courtesy of Ram Caterers) Ram Caterers recognizes how overwhelming it can be to plan a magnificent and memorable wedding without “breaking the bank” in the process. Established in 1978 as one of New York City’s most premier and innovative kosher caterers, Ram Caterers is renowned for designing

Legacy Castle: Making Dreams Come True

Many couples dream about having the perfect wedding, with a spectacular venue as the backdrop for one of the most important days of their lives. But then reality sets in and—for Jewish couples in particular—finding a place that is unique, within budget and has a kosher caterer is often not the stuff of fairy tales. But

Make an Autumn Simcha With Seasonal and Personal Touches

As the weather cools, outdoor chuppahs and barbecues transition into more indoor-focused parties. Let the choices you make reflect the beauty of the season and the personalities of the chosson and kallah or bar/bat mitzvah whose big day you are celebrating.

Party planner Deena Greenstein, LBK

Dating Decisions: A YUConnects Survey

What affects the millennial’s mind? How does today’s young adult population decide whom to date? With the prevalence of online dating apps, abundant social activities and the ability to access more names than ever before, match suggestions come in from sources both far and near. YUConnects, the popular matchmaking program

Yeshiva He’Atid’s Jacob Lopchinsky Donates Torah as Bar Mitzvah Project

Some boys collect books for their bar mitzvah chesed project. Some collect food for those in need. Others raise money for worthy causes, while still others volunteer their time helping children with disabilities or those who need help doing their homework. Any of these projects take an inordinate amount of time

Is There Such a Thing As Too Much Planning?

There was a bar mitzvah in my town last Shabbat (mazal tov, Nathan!), and since my son was one of the few boys in the grade not in sleepaway camp this summer, we were able to host the few other boys who were also home. My colleague also attended a bar mitzvah last Shabbat, one that was held at the sleepaway camp where the boy is spending

Simcha ChipIn Makes Chipping In Easy

Simcha ChipIn, a brand-new website designed to simplify group and individual gifting, is excited to deliver new ways to enhance simchas, no matter the occasion. The brainchild of Tova Lutz, the service combines individual ChipIns to send beautiful gifts to bar and bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, engagement parties, teacher

Enjoy Your Outdoor Entertaining This Summer

Summer has finally come, the weather is warm, camp has begun and July 4 is just around the corner. When the weather is nice, barbecues or even dairy al fresco meals become a no-brainer. Independence Day barbecues are just the start of frequent outdoor events. So if you’re looking for ways to take the outdoor oasis up a notch,

RYNJ Student’s Bat Mitzvah Project Is Chesed Website

Teaneck’s Hannah Vogel is embracing the digital age for her bat mitzvah: the RYNJ student has officially launched her new website promoting chesed and tzedakah as part of her own chesed project for her bat mitzvah. The website, https://spreadsomelight.com/, offers visitors ideas for

A Unique Bar Mitzvah Close to the Land

(Courtesy of HaShomer HaChadash) Glenn and Debby Pfeiffer and family, of Bergenfield, were looking for a change of pace when it came time for the bar mitzvah trip of their youngest son, Yehuda—something off the beaten path, an experience that would include the extended Pfeiffer family. They wanted to be

Make Flowers Part of Your Shavuot Table

Just like that, another seven weeks of sefira have almost passed. As the days to Shavuot near, and Jews prepare to receive the Torah, everyone is also busy preparing the perfect tablescape and Pinterest-worthy foods for guests to enjoy. Of course, floral arrangements for Shavuot are a given, but if anyone wants to try

Putting the Simcha Back Into Simchat Yom Tov

Any chag is a time of simcha for the Jewish people, and Pesach, known as “Zman Cheiruteinu” or the “Time of Our Freedom” has tremendous potential for simcha. Pesach is steeped in strong customs just as much as halacha, and stories about “what Bubbie used to do” infuse the preparations with warmth and memories.