Saturday, October 19, 2019

OOOPS....did you miss it at this time? Did you find the house of your dreams as of yet? Or sell your home for another one, whether downsizing or moving up?

Let me share with you some pivotal reasons why moving in the summer is in fact the best season to make that move!

1. The weather conditions in the winter makes for a difficult move. In contrast, warm weather allows for easy transporting without the snow or frigid cold to add to the difficulty of the transfer of your furniture and belongings. The only truly inclement weather to watch out for in the summertime is a heavy rainfall or extremely hot temperatures. Each season has its advantages and disadvantages; however, summer overall allows for an easier transition.

2. Warmer weather means longer days and more daylight, giving you more time to move in and out of a home. When doing a colossal move, the hours go by very quickly. Not having more daylight hours within which to work allows for more frustration. Obviously, the more daylight, the more time is allotted for transporting.

3. The fact that children are out of school could be very advantageous for the family adjustment. It gives the children time to adapt to the new surroundings without the pressure of the school curriculum and demands. Children could also be away at camp as well, which is fine if parents need the space for the transition. However, if they are at home they could internalize their new home surroundings more easily by settling in and even arranging their room on their own, bonding within the new space (with a little help from the parents, of course) and adjusting before the school years begins all over again.

4. Yard sales during the summer season is in demand. As a seller, your yard sale of superfluous items that you don’t need could be most successful due to outdoor maximum foot traffic for those looking or for those leisurely walking in the neighborhood for browsing. For buyers, yard sales will allow for additional purchases, which may be helpful in setting up the new residence.

5. Last but not least, the selling season peaks in the summer, allowing for the height of homes that are put on the market for sale with the premise that this is a pivotal time for transition before the fall.

Now, as a realtor I am kept busy working with buyers and sellers all year long. However, the interest does peak since transition time is always for summer closure. Keep in mind when you sell a home or purchase a new one that there is usually a 60-day window within which closing will take place, so pressure is on to get the job done now!

Don’t forget, home is where the heart is....wherever you choose to be! If it’s not this season, it’ll be the next. Happy moving....or rather, making the best of it!

And remember Marie Kondo’s words, the award-winning organization guru author, who encourages all: When cleaning out, if the object doesn’t “spark joy,” just chuck it!

By Ruby Kaplan

Ruby Kaplan is a realtor licensed in both New Jersey and New York. Her passion is to help people meet their housing needs and goals. Having bought, sold and built homes, she has acquired an expertise to represent both sellers and buyers. She is sensitive to her clients’ needs and has a driven commitment to oversee all her transactions with honesty, integrity, knowledge and dedication. Visit www.rubybobbyhomes.com for more information. The Ruby and Bobby Kaplan team/United RE/ will promote your home with the best of social media and create alerts for your criteria of housing needs. Your Housing Needs Are Our Priority! Ruby can be reached at 201-314-4152 or on her cell at 917-576-4177 or at [email protected]