Monday, September 23, 2019

Real Estate

The Source of Life

Mekor Chaim is a southern Jerusalem neighborhood that is surrounded by Baka to the east, Katamon to the west, the Greek Colony to the north and Talpiot to the south. It is known as a one-street neighborhood, as over 90% of its residents live on Mekor Chaim Street. I always wanted to write about this charming neighborhood,

Tel Aviv, the Hottest Investment

East Tel Aviv is the up-and-coming “hot” area of Tel Aviv, where real estate investment is paying off like nowhere else in the “big city.” Where once stood only old, small houses, large developments have risen offering a quality standard of living at more affordable prices than in

Three Tips to Refresh Your Home This Spring

(BPT) Every spring, the changing season brings a desire for renewal. It’s a time of growth, transition and revitalization. The latest trend in home cleaning popularized by Marie Kondo reveals what many of us yearn for - not just decluttering, but a fresh start, a clean slate. We dream of an open, airy, bright

Don’t Miss the Opportunity

Over the past few weeks, we have seen an unusual dichotomy where mortgage rates have dropped, and home prices have continued to remain stable or even increase. There is no one right answer as to why mortgage rates have declined to lows that we haven’t seen in a while. Some will point to the weakening US economy, while others will

Eligible at 60

So the question is, when I say eligible, what do I mean? Eligible as in bachelor or bachelorette? Eligible to win a raffle? As a mortgage banker, when I use the word eligible I’m referring to something that normally you would have to be at least 62 years of age in order to qualify, but now you can be eligible to qualify even if

As Temps Get High, Keep Your Bills Low

(StatePoint) Do higher temperatures have to mean higher energy bills? The answer is no. There are numerous ways to keep your home cool and bills low in summer.

After a few months of disuse, it is vital to check that your air conditioning system is still working in an efficient and optimal manner. If you

Real Estate Is Full of Surprises

So, logic has it when you bring in an offer over the asking price, the owner would be elated!

Well, I just lost two deals defying this very premise.

Let me share the scenario of why sometimes the opposite of logic holds true in the world of real estate

Spring Into Clean With i Clean

Is Pesach preparation stressing you out? Arielle and Yosef Haim Horesh can help. The Horeshes are the owners of i Clean, a high-quality cleaning service providing excellent service, honest employees and competitive pricing.

The inspiration to start a cleaning service was born from their own

Five Ways to Refresh Your Deck

(BPT) As seasons turn, your focus begins to shift to the outdoors. Your deck or patio becomes your new living room - an ideal setting for memorable moments with friends and family. If you look at these spaces and long for a refresh, the time to start planning is now.

To refresh your deck with style and

Mortgage Savings For 5 Million

According to the Mortgage Bankers Association’s seasonally adjusted index, mortgage application volume surged 18.6 percent from the previous week and 28 percent from a year ago thanks to the biggest one-week rate drop in a decade! Almost 5 million homeowners could likely qualify for a refinance and reduce their interest rate by

Five Ways to Protect Jewelry and Valuables

(StatePoint) From engagement rings to family heirlooms, your jewelry and other valuables are timeless and important. Luckily, there are steps you can take to help keep these items safe.

1. Insure Your Engagement Ring Immediately: Engagement rings hold great sentimental and monetary value, but many

How to Leverage Your Wedding Gifts

Two people get married for many reasons. The ideal reasons are love, connection, sharing the same values and wanting to build a family. No one gets married just for the wedding gifts, but there’s nothing wrong with planning the best use of what you may receive. Generally, when you get married, your guests, family and friends want