Monday, September 23, 2019

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A Crazy Buggy Summer: Tips for Dealing With Home Insect Invasions

(StatePoint) Spotting more bugs than usual around the house? While a pest problem can cause embarrassment and concern, this summer you can take comfort in the fact that not only are you not alone, there are new ways of dealing with insects that can help you manage the problem without harsh chemicals.

How to Create Community in Your Neighborhood

(BPT) It’s easy to see the value of living in caring neighborhoods and being good neighbors.

One recent survey found 75 percent of Americans think it’s important to welcome new neighbors, 58 percent say it’s important for neighbors to socialize and 37 percent are more likely to

Tama 38 Industry Update

(Courtesy of TAMA 38) As of June 2019, here is an estimate of the TAMA 38 activity in Israel according to Madlan (https://tama38.madlan.co.il/):

1,171 buildings have been re-constructed under the TAMA 38 program


The Remarkable Guatemala-Israel Relationship

Guatemala Street in Jerusalem’s Kiryat Hayovel neighborhood serves as an eternal expression of Israel’s appreciation to the Latin American country for voting in favor of the United Nations Partition Plan in November 1947. That vote was the beginning of a special friendship between these two countries.

Interest Rate Predictions

For those who frequent my articles, you know that I am not one to make bold predictions, especially when it comes to market fluctuations. We are experiencing ‘interesting times’ economically – as we see record-breaking stock markets, lower interest rate movements, and an uncertain economy, to say the least. All that said,

Etra Builds Move-in-Ready Homes

Talk to anyone who has built or remodeled a home and you’ll hear stories about delays, cost overruns, mistakes and more. Yet, living in a home built with your taste and needs in mind is so satisfying. Is it worth the risk?

Etra Build has a solution. Daniel Wetrin and

Infusing Natural Elements for Distinctive Design

(BPT) Natural materials add notes of strength and serenity to a space, while simultaneously revitalizing the overall aesthetic. These elements not only represent the distinct beauty found in nature, but also can serve as unique statement pieces that bring handcrafted modernity into a home. Designers incorporate natural materials to create a

Real Estate Rewards

Once again, real estate has come out on top as the “favored” best long-term investment. Every year, Gallup surveys Americans to determine their choice for the best long-term investment. Respondents are given a choice between real estate, stocks/mutual funds, gold, savings accounts/CDs, or bonds. This year’s results showed

Invest in Israel With TAMA 38

If you are a staunch supporter of the development of Israel or just a business minded investor, TAMA 38 might interest you. Launched by the Israeli Government about a decade ago, TAMA 38 is a real estate program that offers developers incentives to modernize older buildings, elevating them to current building

Five Easy Projects to Get the Whole Family Outside

(BPT) Want to get the kids away from screens and outside for some fresh air? Many outdoor projects will not only lure your whole family outdoors once the jobs are completed, but the family may actually want to help you.

Here are five ideas for outdoor projects everyone will

This Summer: Relax and Recycle

(StatePoint) Summertime means family outings, vacations and spending time outdoors. Amid all the fun, it’s important to be conscious of your environmental impact. One small way you can be a force for positive change is by properly disposing of old rechargeable batteries once they no longer power devices. You probably don’t know

Mortgage Rate Advice From ‘An Expert’

I was sitting in my office last week when I received a call from someone inquiring about refinancing options. Indeed, it is a common conversation that I have been having a lot of late. After going through the specifics of his situation and offering him our best rates and terms, he went on to give me his expert advice about the