Thursday, November 21, 2019

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Ten Acronyms Homebuyers Need to Know

(StatePoint) PMI, APR, LTV…these unfamiliar acronyms don’t need to bewilder or intimidate uninitiated homebuyers.

To help you negotiate the homebuying process like a pro, Freddie Mac is sharing definitions of 10 key acronyms you’ll encounter as you meet with lenders, make a down payment

The Lincoln Residence

(Courtesy of United Real Estate) In the heart of historic Jerusalem on Lincoln Street in the elegant Talbiyeh neighborhood in close proximity to world-famous hotels, such as the Waldorf-Astoria and the King David, a new building project is taking shape. This apartment building, constructed on a privately owned

Theodor Herzl: Returning to Our Roots

Theodor Herzl is recognized as the father of the state of Israel, which is why practically every city across the country has a Herzl Street. However, as he died over 40 years before the establishment of the state of Israel, Herzl’s philosophy did not frame the Jewish nation’s ethos.


Reposition-Refinancing Is Not Just About Rate

Things change in life and we, hopefully, reposition ourselves in order to adopt and grow personally as well as financially. We have to in order to survive, but that’s a good thing because that means we have an opportunity to improve on our current situation. Busy, busy, busy—we are all very busy people in a very busy world.

Ten To-Dos for Home and Yard Winterization

(BPT) Scarves. Pumpkin spice lattes. Leaves crunching underfoot. Sweater season is moving in fast, which means it’s time to start transitioning to fall maintenance to make sure your home and yard are ready for winter. The following are 10 things you can do to prepare for the cold and wet weather ahead.

1. Interseed Your Lawn.

A summer of

The Most Important Day in The Market

Last week, when I picked September 18th to do our “Grand Re-Open House Warming Party,” I knew it was “Fed Day.” I also knew that it was very likely the cut would be 0.25%. I tried to do as best a job as I could to guide clients in advance of this meeting on how the upcoming reduction might impact their mortgage and interest

Nofim Gardens in Modi’in, Israel: Buy Now and Move In by Next Rosh Hashanah

(Courtesy of Tivuch Shelly) Modi’in is a wonderful place to live, testified to by the thousands of veteran Israelis and olim who have been attracted to it over the past few decades. Its central location; pleasant and affordable housing; educational and commercial facilities; green, open spaces; and good transportation options all

Living Near Our Family: How Close Is Too Close?

(StatePoint) While you can’t choose your family, you can choose how close you live to them. A new survey suggests some healthy boundaries between parents and in-laws make for a happier family relationship -- something to keep in mind when shopping for a home.

Fifty-seven percent of respondents in the

 How to Get Started in Real Estate Investing

Are you looking for a form of lucrative passive income that allows you to make money just by sitting at home? If so, real estate is the way to go. Investing in real estate is an excellent way to earn income without much effort. Each month, you’ll see money getting deposited into your bank account while you get to enjoy a

The Most Important Variable When Shopping for the Best Mortgage

I love seeing articles and online posts that read, “The Most Important…” For many, those catchy headlines used to attract a lot more attention in the past, than it does these days. Today, “Influencers” come in all ages and stages regardless of their seasoning or expertise. There’s truly so much “noise” out there

How to Choose the Right Stone for Your Kitchen Countertop

It’s no doubt that we spend an exorbitant amount of time in our kitchens. These spaces have become much more than a place to cook a meal. Kitchens are places where families congregate to share recaps of their day over a meal. Kitchens are where guests tend to hang out at family events and holidays. For this reason, homeowners are

Protect Your Valuables From Extreme Weather Disasters

(BPT) Natural disasters cost Americans $91 billion in damages in 2018, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

With parts of the country in the midst of peak hurricane season, and other regions of the country approaching the dangerous wildfire and flooding seasons,