Tuesday, May 21, 2019

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Beware Assessments

Okay, as a professional real estate agent and homeowner in Teaneck, my experience of reducing assessments has been consistently successful. Certainly when one can prove a home’s assessment is higher than the value, the home owner will be paying less in yearly property taxes since the tax amount of taxes is calculated by

How to Prepare for Stormy Weather

(BPT) No matter where you live, the weather can be unpredictable any time of year. Storms can disrupt your family’s routine, but a little preparation can mean reducing the stress that unexpected weather events can cause. Preparing for storms or other weather conditions just takes a few practical, proactive steps that can save you time,

Tips to Spend Wisely on Household Purchases

(StatePoint) Running a household can be expensive, but experts say that there are new ways you can save big on needed items.

“The days of clipping coupons may be out of style, but finding ways to save money never is,” says Michael McAuliffe, president of Family Credit Management. “From

I Can’t Do That, But…

I was recently contacted by someone from New York who was looking for a renovation loan. It turns out that for over six months he was working with a bank who was painstakingly bombarding him with requests for additional information every seven days. He would get an email alert that his mortgage application has been “updated,”

TW Design Offers Unique and Functional Interior Design for Any Space

Tania Wolf, an interior designer with a background in architecture is bringing her expertise and creative eye to Bergen County. Originally from France, Wolf obtained her degree in architecture while living in Paris where she dedicated much of her professional time to residential design. Since moving to Clifton

Combating Illegal Construction

Ever since the founding of the state of Israel, the country has been in growth mode. Despite the seemingly endless construction nationwide—the joke is that Israel’s national bird is the “crane”—Israel has a shortage of over 100,000 apartments due to the country’s expanding population. Thankfully, a few years ago the

Mortgage Hacks for Today’s Borrowers

These days, everyone is looking for a good deal, and they certainly deserve the best! In a competitive marketplace, everyone is trying to distinguish themselves with the best fees and service. I believe those are a given, and the best way to provide even greater value is to offer priceless guidance based on experience and

Links Residential Proudly Welcomes Two New Members to the Team

(Courtesy of Links Residential) Links Residential is proud to welcome two new members to its stellar real estate team.

Chaim Kahn: Chaim brings with him an extensive background in property management and construction as he joins Links. His past work experience

Whatever It Takes!!!

For those of you who know me well or follow me on social media, you know that I am a big Brooklyn Nets fan. I started rooting for them after moving to New Jersey and being fortunate enough to attend many of their local home games. It was tough being a Nets fan during those years, and it was even harder to ‘give away’ our seats

Great First Mortgage Rate—Should You Refinance?

Refinancing a current mortgage should lower your payments, offer predictability (within your timeframe), help you increase equity in your property or all three. What should you consider in order to decide if refinancing can help you strengthen your financial situation?

  1. Can you refinance

New Smart Home Innovations for Your Interconnected Life

(BPT) Smart home products made major strides in 2018. More people than ever now use connected devices in their homes, and smart home hubs are constantly adding new integrations and capabilities. Research from Statista predicts that in te next few months, more than 45 million smart home devices will be installed in U.S. homes,

Setting Up Your Home Office for Efficiency

(BPT) So, you’ve been running your business from your home for some time now you find yourself overwhelmed, stressed and your office is a mess. When running a business, there are so many things you need to think about to maximize efficiency, from having a clean setup to ensuring that you are well equipped with the supplies you need to get