Tuesday, May 21, 2019

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Goodbye Spring Cleaning, Hello Winter Refresh

Four home improvement updates to take your home from drab to fab.

(BPT) Every year, homeowners anxiously await spring to refresh and reset their homes. But what if we capitalized on all the time spent indoors during winter to take control of

Ramat Givat Zeev Is Expanding and Now Features 40 Additional Housing Units

(Courtesy of Ramat Givat Zeev) The finest neighborhood built in the last decade for new immigrants is expanding.

Construction of two additional buildings, containing 40 new housing units, has been approved and, when at full capacity, will now be able to house 500 families.

The Carriage House Luxury Condominiums: From a Time of Luxury and Opulence

Located between South Beach and Bal Harbour, back in the day, the Carriage House Luxury Condominiums was the place to see and be seen.

Built in 1967 with just over 400 condominiums and 17 stories tall, what really sets The Carriage House apart are the expansive building amenities. The Fitness

You Can’t Have It All, Or Can You?!

New years and new beginnings are always a chance for people to take out a blank sheet of paper and “start from scratch.” It’s a shame that many people don’t contemplate about new opportunities more often. It is often the empty canvas that helps promote the best ideas and creativity. In personal finance, I think this is an

Organize Your Home in Less Than One Hour a Day

(Courtesy of LinksNJ.com) Did you ever notice that your self-improvement pacts with yourself are action oriented? Walk 10,000 steps a day. Fix that leaky faucet.

But “Get organized”? It’s a goal so broad that just trying to figure out what action to take makes you

Approved Funding Launches New ‘Approved Alternative’ Mortgages

Approved Funding, a leading privately held local mortgage banker has launched “Approved Alternatives,” specialty loan programs for mortgages that don’t fit under the conventional lending model. “We are extremely excited to introduce this offering to the market formally, and know that it will truly help so

2019: The Year of the Space-Age Home

(BPT) In 2019, the “space-age” home will become a reality with modern innovations that are poised to change the way we think about luxury, elegance and comfort. Incorporating advanced technology into your home is essential when elevating its overall style, design and functionality.

Kosher Airbnb? There’s a Website for That

(Courtesy of Chrental.com) There is a kosher version of lots of things, but have you ever heard of a kosher version of Airbnb? Chrental.com is just that! It was created by a few members of the Jewish community in Brooklyn to meet the needs of a kosher family or individual so they have the option to stay at a kosher

Five Ways to Bring More Color to Your Home

(BPT) When you look at your home’s interiors, do you find yourself craving a refresh? If so, there’s no better time than the New Year to update your home with thoughtful design touches that embrace the power of color.

Color is a key component of interior

The Greatest Compliment

In business, there are many taglines that people use to differentiate themselves or to call attention. One of the more common ones for “salespeople,” especially in the real estate industry is, “Your referral is the greatest compliment.” For those not in the commission business, it’s hard to understand how challenging and

Bring Your Home’s Wi-Fi ‘Dead Zones’ to Life

(StatePoint) Whether it’s to stream a movie from the bedroom or lock the front door using smart home technology, you’ve likely come to expect Wi-Fi to reach every corner of your house. The reality is that there are certain locations in many homes where Internet-connected devices and smartphones are unable to receive a steady Wi-Fi

Five Home Design Ideas That Will Be Trending in 2019

(StatePoint) Usher in the new year with a crop of inspiring fresh ideas across home design.

To help you keep up with the latest décor trends, celebrity interior designer, Taniya Nayak, has pulled together the top five home design trends for 2019 to provide inspiration no matter your personal