Monday, February 24, 2020

Real Estate

Five Essentials to Build a Home Office

(StatePoint) Want to maximize your productivity when working in your home office? Here are five essentials to build out the space:

• A Solid Chair: Don’t shortchange yourself with the wrong chair. It’s the basis of your comfort, which is critical for putting in the hours needed for success. Look

Ten Essential Laundry Organization and Maintenance Tips

(BPT) Professional organizer Lisa Jacobs of Imagine It Done emphasizes the importance of creating strategies in the home for practical, efficient living. The laundry room is one of the easiest places to begin when trying to improve your organization at home. To help keep you on the right track she put together the 10 most

Foolish Focus as the Fed Cuts Rates, Again

“Fed Day” always brings much anticipation and fanfare. From market participants and traders to the media, and even individual opportunists - everyone tries to digest the Fed action, and to scrutinize the statements and comments to determine any future policy changes or bias shifts. Of course, as the market faces a unique market

‘House It Going?!’ The Real Estate and Mortgage Update

While I am sure a lot of people were playing catch-up this week, the markets continued without us with lots of noteworthy information coming forth over the past few weeks. Fortunately, or unfortunately, by the time we analyze this current data, there will be a slew of new reports to examine again. Regardless, these updates are

DIY Projects to Get Your House Ready for Winter

(BPT) The leaves have changed, temperatures are dropping and pumpkin spice treats abound, which means winter is coming. Now is the time to winterize your home, which can mean up to a 10% savings on your energy bills, according to Energy Star.

Help your home fight the cold, without breaking the bank, by

Luxury Bal Harbour/Surfside Kosher Oceanfront Airbnb

Imagine a luxury oceanfront 4,000-sf, four-bedroom, five-and-a-half-bathroom townhouse with its own private roof-top jacuzzi/pool, summer kitchen BBQ area, internal glass-enclosed elevator, two-car garage, able to accommodate up to nine people!

Now imagine that you could rent all this

The Secret to the Four Species

As we all know, Jews across the globe gather the “Four Species” – the Esrog (Citron), the Lulav (Palm), the Hadas (Myrtle), and the Aravah (Willow) - which they use conjointly to celebrate the holiday of Succot. There are many basic and Kabalistic explanations for this custom. The one that I have always enjoyed is the one

Fall Fix-Ups for Your Outdoor Space

(BPT) After a long summer relaxing on your deck or patio, autumn is a great time to renovate your outdoor space - or build one from scratch. Home improvement expert Alison Victoria, host of HGTV’s “Windy City Rehab,” offers five tips for fabulous fall fix-ups.

1. Get decked out. Fall is an ideal

School Year Begins in Ramat Givat Ze’ev

(Courtesy of Ramat Givat Ze’ev) Residents of the brand- new, luxury neighborhood of Ramat Givat Ze’ev were excited by the opening of the school year, with first-graders attending the newly established, local state charedi school, under the skilled leadership of principal Rabbi Avraham Horowitz.

Adama613: A Unique Land Buying Opportunity in Israel

(Courtesy of Adama613) It has been 2000 years since the Jews lived in Israel and developed the land that was given to us, and now that the opportunity exists again. Many of us dream about moving to Israel or owning a piece of land in Israel, but apartments are expensive and we aren’t there often enough to justify the cost. Sure

The Origins of Hakafot Shniyot

Tel Aviv’s Florentin neighborhood is undergoing dramatic change. Named for David Florentin, a Greek Jew who had purchased the land in the late 1920s, the neighborhood suffered for many decades from urban decay and poverty. Its present turnaround is being fueled by younger residents and aspiring artists who have attracted

Intentionally or Unintentionally

As much as I enjoy trying to tie-in current events into my articles, I always find this time of year to be a big challenge for such feats. It would be nice to be able to provide some business insight with a good take-home message. Hopefully, it will inspire me (perhaps, others) to take advantage of the powerful days before us. If