Sunday, September 22, 2019


Yavneh Academy Hosts Speaker Janell Burley Hofmann on Tech Boundaries

Raising children in the digital world in  has been at the forefront Yavneh Academy programming for some years now, whether in technology and advisory classes where students are educated about digital safety and limits, or through parent workshops which hosts yearly programs on the topic. All of this education culminated last

Yeshivat Frisch Holds Pre-Election Program

In advance of the Israeli election on Tuesday, Yeshivat Frisch students had the opportunity to learn about the Israeli election process and the various parties competing for the reigns of leadership. Rabbi David Sher, Frisch’s director of Israel education, addressed a number of topics: what makes Israel’s parliamentary system

Moriah Loves Apples, Apples and More Apples

This week the Moriah nursery students have been exploring apples in all of their learning centers. The children enjoyed painting, tasting, counting and learning the colors of the apple in Hebrew. Their culminating activity was making yummy apple muffins.

Yeshivat Noam Buds Have a Blast Apple Picking At Demarest Farms

TABC Holds Annual Freshman Frenzy for Class of 2023

TABC’s annual Freshman Frenzy had a little bit of everything for the Class of 2023. After Shacharit, the students had their own breakfast in the gym followed by regular first period shiur. Afterwards, they made their way up to the beit knesset for a special program run by the TABC guidance department. After showing clips

Heichal HaTorah Celebrates Summer Siyum

On Tuesday evening, September 9, Heichal HaTorah held its annual Summer Siyum. Thirty three Heichal talmidim dedicated time during their summer break to review the entire masechta they had learned during the previous school year. Nearly 300 people, including parents, grandparents and local rabbanim were in

Rabbi Grossman Delivers Farewell Shiur at TABC

Rabbi Joel Grossman delivered a moving farewell shiur to students and faculty at TABC last week as he prepares to retire after 30 years of teaching at the school. Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Yosef Adler gave a moving introduction in which he captured Rabbi Grossman’s stature as a world class mechanech.

Nitzan Bet Learns About Rosh Hashanah

Nitzan Bet students from Nitzanei Noam are learning all about Rosh Hashanah by exploring apples! They built an apple tree, sewed apple cut outs and painted apples in preparation for the chag!

Students at LPS Act out Story

Students at Lubavitch on the Palisades acted out a story of a King who left his throne and came to the field where he was accessible to his subjects. This story helped the children to understand the concept of prayer and God’s presence during the month of Elul.

Week Two Is Great at The Idea School

The Idea School students enjoy the second week of school immersing in sherut—community service—researching origin stories, engineering design challenges, ulpan and after school clubs.

KC Kids Do Chesed

KC Kids before and aftercare programming at Yeshivat He’Atid is off to a great start! Students enjoyed sports, homework club, art and chesed workshops. They packaged foods for local hospitals as well. Middle schoolers assisted elementary-aged children and worked together as a team.

Ma’ayanot Has Mindful Mishmar

Ma’ayanot’s first session of the Bruce Ritholtz z”l Mishmar Program was entitled “Looking Back to Move Forward.” The students attended sessions about Elul being the perfect time of year to learn from the past and grow from their experiences in order to make better choices in the future.