Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The students, staff and parents of Tenafly Chabad Academy paraded through the streets of Tenafly on Lag BaOmer, kicking off a full day of celebrations. Each grade wore a different color and the students carried banners representing the themes of Lag BaOmer as they danced, sang and marched. TCA’s eighth graders led the group, which ranged from soon-to-be graduates all the way down to the youngest students in pre-k. It was an incredible show of Jewish pride and Jewish unity. Special thank you to Tenafly Mayor Peter Rustin for joining the parade and to the Tenafly Police Department for helping to keep everyone safe along the entire parade route.

After the parade grades one through four sang and danced with Morah Kelli at our “bonfire,” then it was off to enjoy a BBQ picnic in the parking lot. Everyone feasted on burgers, fries, watermelon and even S’mores! After lunch was sports day. The four teams were: Rabbi Akiva, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, Medurah and Chetz v’Keshet. Even though team Medurah (third and fourth grade boys) earned the most points, every child was a winner and was treated to ices. What a fun and busy day! Special thank you to all the class moms who came to help out and provided the special treats for all the children.