Saturday, October 19, 2019

TABC’s Lag BaOmer celebrations took place in two parts, due to the inclement weather. On Lag BaOmer day, TABC students, faculty and staff enjoyed a delicious barbecue complete with burgers, hot dogs and grilled salami! Even the drizzle which passed through as everyone joined together outside couldn’t dampen the TABC spirit! In the gyms, great games of basketball were being played, while outside, games of frisbee, running bases, Spikeball and bean bag tosses had everyone enjoying the camaraderie of a TABC Lag BaOmer.

On Wednesday, May 29, TABC had their makeup day at Votee Park, lovingly referred to as “Lag BaOmer 2.0.” This time the rain held off and immediately after davening, students made their way to the park. The students split up by shiur—some played baseball and some played football. Having the rebbeim playing ball with their shiurim made the games a lot of fun and very enjoyable. Upon the conclusion of their games, everyone made their way back to TABC where there was a special chalav Yisrael ice cream truck waiting for them. The soft serve ice cream with toppings was a real treat for everyone!