Saturday, October 19, 2019

As the BPY kindergarten learned about Shavuot and how Har Sinai was decorated in flowers, the students explored the history of Georgia O’keefe and her interest in painting flowers. They drew their own still life designs. They took their learning further and began to explore the ins and outs of flowers. Many were curious about the different names of flowers. They took turns writing what they already knew about flowers and they thought about questions they have about flowers. Gan Ilanot learned about the different types of flowers, exploring their petals and stems. They discussed each part of the flower and its importance. The children learned about all of the different parts in Hebrew. They had so much fun using their bodies to act out the parts of the flower. The kindergartners now have an extra appreciation for one of the minhagim of Shavuot which is to decorate your home or beit knesset with flowers.