Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Sophomores at The Idea School are immersed in a semester long project around entrepreneurship. As part of their beit midrash class, students are refurbishing, kashering and customizing an old food truck and turning it into a profitable business venture; the proceeds of which will go to a charity of the students choice. The project is designed to give the students a real world experience of starting and managing a profitable business. They are involved in all aspects from ideation to marketing to finance and to supporting a social cause. This week, students worked in project teams and collaborated to define goals, work streams and roles and reported on areas of progress and challenge against their set objectives. At the root of this project are the Torah’s teachings on the laws of kashrut, fair business practice and the mitzvah of maaser—all of which the students are learning in the beit midrash to guide their decision making throughout the project.