Monday, January 20, 2020

Throughout the months of October and November, the Moriah class of 2020 has been busy getting ready for high school. In their English classes, the eighth graders filled out a self-reflection, assessing themselves as students. Then, in a series of activities, the students learned what it takes to apply to high schools. Moriah Middle School Principal Tzipporah Boim explained to the students the application process and proper decorum for in-school visits. After seeing skits of both strong and weak model interviews, the students learned from Boim and English teacher Adina Kastner strategies for their high school interviews. They were then given a list of the most commonly asked questions to practice at home. The eighth graders even had the opportunity to participate in mock interviews led by teacher and administrator volunteers. Additionally, in English class, the students wrote an essay about themselves as learners, thinking critically about what talents they can contribute, what learning environment they prefer and what area they wish to improve on in high school. This writing assignment provided the students with materials for their application essays, as well as for their interviews. The students have developed a strong sense of confidence as they approach their interviews and half-days.