Sunday, January 19, 2020

In Moriah third grade, the classes have been heavily focused on learning about bullying. They began with an activity that consisted of reviewing scenarios and seeing if the students would know how to handle a particular bullying situation; if they’d ask for help, if they’d take a stand or if they weren’t sure what to do. The classes read, “Thank you, Mr. Falker,” written by Patricia Polacco. The story is about a girl who has difficulty learning to read and was made fun of because of her challenges. She endures teasing and tries to hide her disability from others. Her life improves after she meets Mr. Falker and finally learns to read. The ending has a unique twist and teaches many life lessons. The students have been answering comprehension questions, discussing in small groups and working independently on a wide variety of assignments. The students learned that it only takes one person to stand up to a bully and that being a bystander, who does not respond or help the person being bullied, is not the way to solve the problem. Moriah third graders are becoming experts on this subject and have learned to be upstanders!