Wednesday, January 22, 2020

RYNJ recently held its annual first and second grade Family Math Nights. Each individual night included five different stations at which students—with their parents, grandparents and family members—played different math-based games! First graders enjoyed games including puzzles, dominoes, math war cards, bean counting and a walking challenge featuring the new Singapore Math curriculum’s number bonds. Grade two students also had a blast working with dice in different ways, coordinating graphs and doing their own Fact Family Walk Challenge. Each grade level also participated in an Estimation Jar Challenge, in which each grade had their own container of jelly beans and had to estimate how many were in each. Congratulations to Yaakov Yaish from 1B1 and Ephraim Frankel from 2B3 for winning each jar full of jelly beans! RYNJ looks forward to having next year’s first and second graders at its annual Family Math Nights, where families really “count”!