Tuesday, January 28, 2020

This past Friday the Yavneh middle school students were privileged to have Rabbi Gavriel Friedman or “Rav Gav” return to Yavneh to inspire the students and give them his take on Yavneh’s theme this year; having an עין טובה-good eye. Rabbi Friedman explained this idea of looking at things from a good perspective by engaging with the students in a humorous way. Additionally, he shared with the students personal experiences and touching stories, as well as thoughts from the Torah to help engage with them. His incredible ability to connect to the teenage student helps inspire them and guides them to understand that life experiences are neither good or bad, it is what you make of them. Rabbi Friedman then ended off with a message about lashon hara, and how it is all based on perspective, and how it is imperative to “realize”(using real eyes) that everything is positive and you need to guard your mouth from what you see. It was a pleasure to have Rabbi Friedman speak again at Yavneh Academy.