Sunday, January 19, 2020

Hakarat hatov is a central value that is taught throughout JKHA/RKYHS. The school takes every opportunity to acknowledge and thank those who help us and who contribute to our daily lives. All of JKHA and RKYHS came together the day before Thanksgiving for a “Thanks for Giving” assembly to say thank you to school caterer Shimon Nissel and his staff for all that they do for the students and faculty. They provide daily nutritious and delicious meals so that the students and faculty are well-fed each day, starting from morning breakfast all the way through the after school cafe. Nissel and his staff always go above and beyond for the school community, including staying all night during last year’s storm to ensure that all the students and staff who had to remain at school for the night had food to eat, and creatively cooked during the recent power outage, using sternos to heat the food for lunch.

At the assembly, lower school students shared a poster with words of appreciation for the kitchen staff. Lower School Assistant Principal DiGiovanni read a Top 10 list of student comments for what they love about lunchtime. Fourth grade leaders shared words of thanks and presented the kitchen staff with a thank you book signed by all students in the early childhood and lower school. Middle school students presented a cookbook filled with recipes compiled by the entire staff of JKHA and RKYHS in honor of Nissel and his staff. High school students created and produced a video to say thank you to Nissel and his staff that was viewed at the assembly. The program concluded with Head of School Rabbi Rubin dedicating a mezuzah for the kitchen on behalf of all of JKHA and RKYHS as a show of appreciation to Nissel and his staff.