Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Ben Porat Yosef kindergartners embarked on a chesed project to enhance the Shabbat experience for Jewish-Americans in the armed forces who are serving overseas.  The students created special items and purchased others in order to assemble care packages, which included challah, grape juice, candles, a challah board and challah cover, as well as b’samim (spices to help mark the end of Shabbat).  As part of this learning experience, the kindergarten students also met with the founder of MSAWI (Major Stuart Anthony Wolfer Institute), Ms. Beverly Wolfer-Nerenberg, whose organization collects and sends care packages to Jewish soldiers in Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Iraq. As part of her visit, Ms. Wolfer-Nerenberg brought various uniforms and objects used by the soldiers, which the students looked at and were able to touch and try on.