Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Earlier in the year, Yeshivat Noam was brainstorming the creation of an event that could raise funds for the school, build school spirit, and invite the community to join in the fun. Ben Porat is known for its Annual Carnival and 5k; YNJ hosts a biannual amazing Auction; and Yavneh a well-known competitive 5K. After many calls, emails, and meetings, the winning idea was to host the First Bergen County day school color experience called “Color Me Fun.”

Yeshivat Noam parents Ilana and Azriel Rauzman, as well as Reuven and Jennie Mohl, had participated in Color Runs in the past and thought that this would be memorable and super fun. Additionally, a steering committee of about 12 parent volunteers had been meeting for months to create the roadmap and details to ensure the success of this experience. The original goal was 150 families but to date over 230 families have registered to participate!

One of the most common questions asked of Yeshivat Noam is whether the Color will cause pain. According to Azriel Rauzman, “the color feels like baby powder, it is made from corn starch and is safe, biodegradable, and non-toxic. Included in the registration fee, every participant will get an awesome pair of COLORFUL sunglasses to help with eye protection. Azriel described the event as awesome, crazy, and an experience not to be missed. Azriel also emphasized the educational value of linking fitness with fun.

One of the reasons Reuven and Jennie Mohl chose Yeshivat Noam was because of the fun and exciting atmosphere of the school and the programming. When asked about the run, Jennie shared that, “I thought a Color experience would reflect the happy and fun atmosphere of the school.”

David Isaacson has spearheaded the fundraising pages and has been encouraging registered families to get sponsors through email and social media using an Internet tool called RootFunding.  With over 900 people expected on the morning of Memorial Day, May 26th, Yeshivat Noam is hoping this is the first of an annual, memorable, COLORFUL family fitness experience for everyone who attends.

For more information and to register your family, hoping there are still spots open, go to www.yeshivatnoam.org.