Wednesday, January 29, 2020

At a recent Project Inspire shabbaton, Charlie Harary spoke to 700 people who just spent Shabbat together, and shared the following right before Havdala: “The power of a Havdala candle and its light is more powerful than any other light you will find. And you know why? It’s because it’s not one light, it’s two, connected, and when you connect and when you have unity, there’s nothing more powerful. There’s nothing more powerful than when we unite as one.”

With pajama-clad pre-k children and their proud parents, this year’s Pre-K Havdala Night was another successful event for Yavneh Academy and Gan Yavneh children and families. It was an evening filled with nachat, as children and parents partnered together to create their own Havdala kits, sang songs and heard the melodious Havdala tune from Rabbi Daniel Fridman. Every child left the event with their own child-designed Havdala set, their own “Hamalach Hagoel” pillow customized with their Hebrew names and some magical memories and moments to hold on to.