Monday, April 06, 2020

In preparation for Tu B’Shevat, Farmer Sheryl created a nature experience with the Gan Henel children. They compared different types and textures of dirt and enjoyed digging their hands into them to see how it felt. Then they looked at and selected different seeds they wanted to plant. The children also discussed how water is crucial to good plant health and good people health too! Finally, they were kind to the soil and used compost-able planters to take home their individual plants. They also used a recycled ceramic container to use as a vase.

On the day of Chag HaIlanot, the children celebrated with a fruit party. They peeled, sorted and divided the fruit and some decorated crowns using the peels and other natural items. They then sat together in small groups and sang, read and celebrated trees, nature and fruit that Hashem has given to us!