Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Paramus–“The new 8th grade wing may look amazing, but that is not why it was built. Like the Beit Hamikdash it was built for what goes on inside,” said 8th grade student council president Jonno Rosen of Teaneck. While the new middle-school wing is the first expansion in 25 years, it is only the first in a series of phased redevelopment plans for the Pre-K through grade 8 Modern Orthodox Yeshiva. Completed in this initial construction was the renovation to the Early Childhood wing, the brand new 8th grade wing and a sorely needed expansion of the on-campus parking lot.

“Forty years ago that was my second grade classroom, over there was my third grade classroom,” said Paramus Mayor Richard Labarbiera who joined the festivities. “I am very happy every time I come here and see that these stones, this mortar, this wood continues to be home to educate young people, helping turn them into fine young men and women.”

This past Sunday, September 14, marked a new era for the Middle-States Accredited day school; administrators, parents and kids gathered for the annual back-to-school BBQ and Carnival celebrating the dedication of five new state-of-the-art classrooms and the re-imagining of space school-wide. “It’s exciting for the school and for the kids, after many years I have a real music room,” said Mrs. Marsha Motzen.

Yavneh Academy is out front with integrating technology into the classroom creating engaging rich experiences for its students. “Education is always number one; it’s about the children and the Jewish people. We are preparing the kids to become the next leaders,” said Pam Scheininger, the 16th and very first female president of the illustrious 72-year old school. She was joined in solidarity by three past school presidents to celebrate their collective vision. “My daughter attended Yavneh and now my granddaughter is a student here,” said past-president Joe Stobezki.

The Stobezkis’ passion for Yavneh runs deep, beginning with his father who was actively committed to Yavneh into his 90’s.

Each of these presidents played a pivotal role, laying the foundation and making key decisions leading up to this expansion, primarily focused inward on modern educational approaches, providing diverse learning opportunities for different types of learners, and building student- centric administrative leadership to nurture, support, and lead students forward in a comprehensive social, academic, and spiritual way.

“Today we celebrate our children, expressing enormous gratitude to our builders. To those who had vision and fortitude who stepped forward to make this long standing dream a reality we express our thanks and excitement for our children,” said Rabbi Jonathan Knapp, Rosh Yeshiva.

“I am proud Yavneh calls Paramus its home. “With this renovation I hope this continues to complete the experience for our future generations, and I look forward to the next phase and the new gymnasium,” said Mayor LaBarbiera.

By Elyse Hansford