Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Last Thursday the talmidim in Rabbi Schenker’s shiur kicked off a new and ground-breaking program in which the talmidim in Rabbi Yehuda Willig’s BMP shiur in Yeshiva University became their “big brothers.” For the inaugural event, the younger class met the college students in the Morganstern Dorm Beis Medrash where they learn every morning. While Rabbi Schenker’s group waited for them to finish the shiur, they were allowed them to spend a few minutes playing foosball and ping pong in the dorm lounge. After they went in, they were divided into small groups with their “big brothers.” They had a great pizza lunch and got to know each other.

In order to create a deeper bond between and get to know each other better, Rabbi Schenker ran a great ice breaker game in which they had to list all of the things that everyone in the group had in common and one thing about each of them that was unique.

The younger group hopes to have many more events with their “big brothers” throughout the year including a three-on-three basketball tournament, a Chanuka chagiga, and of course chavrusa time to learn with the college students. Hopefully this will lead to many more MTA shiurim joining other YU shiurim and strengthening the MTA/YU bond.