Wednesday, November 20, 2019

On Friday, the 8th grade of Moriah hosted a Friendship Circle event. After students were matched up with their buddies, they davened and played some fun table games. Then, in preparation for Shabbat, they braided dough to make challah. Some came out picture-perfect and all were finished with love and joy. Next, they moved over to Moriah’s art room where Mr. H., the famed art teacher, was waiting for them. Together they created color collages using glue and squares of tissue paper. From there, the Friendship Circle kids enjoyed a tour of the school as they made their way to the gym. When they got there, Coach Gary had set aside some basketballs, soccer balls and footballs; everyone enjoyed shooting, kicking and throwing in the big gym. Finally, Dr. Prager, Moriah’s principal, led a musical Oneg Shabbat. All of the children sang and danced, standing arm-in-arm, not wanting the day to end.