Friday, February 21, 2020

This year, the Frisch Arts Track students have established an “Artists’ Beit Midrash Program” which meets weekly and focuses on tefillah. Students work in pairs to study a specific tefillah, developing an understanding and elucidating the text. They then discuss with their partners how to create works of art based on the tefillah they have learned. Together, the pairs then create the visual pieces which illustrate their connection to the davening and the emotions behind it. The Frisch Arts Track students are then given the opportunity to be mentors for the SINAI School students who have their own Artists’ Beit Midrash that we developed for them. These junior high students are studying the same tefillot as the Frisch artists, enabling the Arts Track participants to act as mentors. Frisch students are paired one-on-one with a SINAI student to investigate the text and then discuss ideas surround that tefillah. The SINAI student will then design and create the art with the Frisch student acting as a facilitator guiding the process.

This past week, as a preparation for the program, director Marcy Glicksman and Dr. Celina Kravic, a psychologist at SINAI, came in to talk to Frisch students about working with the diverse group of students that they will be paired with.

“The Frisch students were fabulous, many moving out of their comfort zones to welcome our students and help them create their art work. I am confident that future sessions will be even more productive, as we were able to see the partnerships develop even throughout the first meeting,” said Glicksman.

All the students were very excited for this experience as it allows them a unique opportunity to take their art skills and apply them further. It shows them that we must be active and give of ourselves, share what we have with others and support those around us as artists and as Jews.

The SINAI students are encouraged to create art that reflects their voice and their thoughts and, as such, this program empowers all its participants. Art therapist Sarah Tarzik, who works at SINAI, will join the program as well, along with Mrs. Glicksman and Dr. Kravic.

Ahuva Mantell is The Frisch School Director of Visual Arts.

By Ahuva Mantell