Monday, April 06, 2020

It is an exciting time of year in the art room with Mr. H. With winter slowly coming to an end, the early childhood classes will be springing into a new season, creating “Crazy Caterpillars” while learning about pattern and texture.

First grade will be completing their last winter project, which included “salting” their watercolor paintings they were working on. The effect the salt had on their work created some very interesting and “snowy” images. The final addition to their work will include a collaged penguin.

Second graders are very excited, as they have begun to create their very own Native American Dreamcatchers. Following a unit they studied in their classroom about this culture, this is a wonderful way to connect the knowledge they gained on this topic into the art room.

The 3rd graders recently wrapped up their “Mosaics.” After discussing the definition about this type of art, they were asked to create an image using nothing but small square pieces. They also took special notice of the beautiful mosaics that are hung around Moriah.

As invention convention is right around the corner, the 4th graders are currently working on their Inventor Puppets. From Albert Einstein to Steve Jobs, they have an array of different inventors being designed. This mixed medium project involves sculpture, painting and clothing design. The students love it!

Lastly, the fifth graders are currently creating a work of art on...tin foil! They were asked to pick a symbol, whether it be a letter, logo or number—as something that represents them. Using foil mounted on cardboard, they will be using permanent markers to fill their symbol, along with the negative space around it. The effect they are achieving from the “metallic” fa?ade of the foil is a wonder.