Friday, January 24, 2020

Students throughout the Jewish Educational Center’s middle, junior and high schools took part in the historic address to Congress by Israeli Prime Minsiter Benyamin Netanyahu. In RTMA, Principal Rabbi Peretz Hochbaum spoke about the context of the speech, both politically and how it relates to the timing of Ta’anit Esther, and how we must continue to fight the influence of Amalek in the world. Afterwards, each RTMA class watched it live in their own classrooms with their teachers and were very enthusiastic about it. The speech remained a major topic of discussion for the boys throughout the day.

All of Bruriah watched the speech live, together in the ballroom. The AISAC committee head gave a short intro, and the students said Tehillim. Bruriah principal Rabbi Oratz spoke about who we are as a nation and how Hashem is always behind what happens. The girls clapped and cheered at all the key moments!

Watch the PM’s speech here: http://www.c-span.org/video/…

By Student Reporter, JEC