Monday, March 30, 2020

Moriah’s Gan Tziporim was so excited to welcome a real doctor to its class recently. Donning her white lab coat and stethoscope, Anna Yahalom’s mom, a family physician, had so much helpful information in her doctor’s bag. She told us about all there was to expect at a doctor’s visit. She showed us how her stethoscope worked to listen to the “beeping” of our hearts and the sounds of our lungs. She also demonstrated how she would use a mini-flashlight to check our throats and a very special pointed scope to look in our ears. Sometimes our throats or ears hurt when we are sick and these special tools help doctors see what’s wrong and then they can decide how to fix it!

The children greatly enjoyed Dr. Yahalom’s visit and they especially loved receiving their our own doctor goodie-bags full of toy medical items. They have been having so much fun at home exploring with our stethoscopes, syringes and thermometers—all pretend, of course. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll be doing the check-ups and helping others to stay healthy and strong?