Thursday, August 22, 2019


MTA Visits Talmidim and Alumni at Day Camps

MTA rebbeim had a great time visiting incoming and current talmidim and alumni at Camp Regesh and Camp Shalom. MTA also enjoyed hosting a great group of Camp Slapshots campers on its campus!

Ma’ayanot Students Get Visit From Home

Ma’ayanot faculty visits Rapids at their summer homes, bringing Ma’ayanot warmth and spirit to students.

MTA Visits Talmidim and Alumni at Summer Programs

MTA rebbeim reunited with talmidim and alumni at summer programs in Israel and the U.S., including NCSY Kollel, Camp Morasha, Morasha Kollel and Camp Mesorah! They had tremendous nachat from seeing both their talmidim and alumni thrive over the summer!

Moriah Plus Enters Sixth Successful Year

Moriah Plus, now entering its sixth successful year, is a Jewish comprehensive after-school program based at The Moriah School in Englewood. Moriah Plus is geared towards the enhancement of social, emotional and educational development, while providing an invaluable service for dual working parents. It helps

BCHSJS Principal Attends Teen Education Conference

Fred Nagler, principal/director of the Bergen County High School of Jewish Studies recently attended the Jewish Teen Education and Engagement Network (JTEEN) conference in Houston, Texas. The theme of the conference was Learn, Innovate and Create Opportunity. Among the sessions were “Gen-Xers as Parents: Why Those Parents Are So

MTA Freshmen Participate in Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

On Thursday, June 20, MTA talmidim in Rabbi Genachowski’s freshman shiur had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be mesameach chatan v’kallah at the wedding of an incredible couple who recently converted to Judaism. What an amazing way to welcome them to our community! Talmidim had a great time dancing with

Annual TABC Seuda Shelishit Draws a Big Crowd

Despite the school year being over, close to 100 TABC students piled into their yeshiva on Shabbat afternoon, June 15, for an end-of-year seuda shelishit. After davening Mincha together in the beit midrash, students were able to select from the various shiurim being given by TABC rebbeim. After learning together, the program

Nitzanei Noam Students Perform at Moving Up Celebration

BPY Says Todah and L’hitraot

BPY celebrated the last day of school with an end of year assembly at which students thanked the people who help the school run smoothly and who help enhance the school on a daily basis. L’hitraot to our bnot sherut and shlichim families and those who are making aliyah. Students said goodbye to their teachers

Bruriah High School Enjoys Graduation 2019

Mazal tov to the Bruriah Graduating Class of 5779/2019. Bruriah High School celebrated the 53rd class of graduates on Sunday, June 16. There have been 53 years of successful, inspiring, Torah-focused, remarkable women who will continue to leave their mark on the world around them. The graduation ceremony

TCA Graduates Second Eighth Grade Class

On Thursday June 13, Tenafly Chabad Academy recognized a significant milestone with the graduation of its second eighth grade class. Each member of the class of 10 graduates delivered their own personal speech to the proud families, friends, rabbis, teachers, administrators and board members.

SINAI Celebrates Graduations

Over the past month, teachers, family and friends gathered to celebrate the students as they graduated from schools across the SINAI family. Graduation is just one meaningful example of Inclusion by Design™, and illustrative of how the students are part of their partner school