Monday, January 27, 2020


Freshmen Feel the MTA Ruach at Shabbaton

MTA freshmen had an incredible time on their freshman shabbaton, which took place on December 6-7, at the Hudson Valley Resort. From lively davening and learning programs to exciting games and activities, talmidim truly enjoyed the opportunity to make new friends as well as bond with each other and their rebbeim.

Gan Yaldenu Tots of Bergenfield Cleans Up

Thanks to the Bergenfield Township Clean Communities recycling grant program the puppies and butterfly classes at Gan Yaldenu Tots of Bergenfield enjoyed Professor W’s Earth Science Circus: Splish Splash: I see Trash! presented by the Grand Falloms. They learned about the importance of recycling through catchy songs, juggling,

BPY Fourth Graders Research Disabilities

The fourth graders have been researching disabilities and the effects it has on people. They have been focusing on how people with disabilities are just like everyone else and they learn how to live life, despite their disability. The students and teachers were fortunate to have Charlene and Hillel Milun visit the students this

Moriah Kindergarten Measures

The Moriah School kindergarteners began learning about measurement. They discussed that one aspect of measurement is to measure for length. Through discussion and observation the students discovered there are also non-conventional ways to measure. Each child was given a measurement challenge. They had to design a measuring

Yeshivat Noam Mathematicians Take a Trip to Ikea

Yeshivat Noam seventh grade mathematicians went on a math trip to Ikea as a wrap up for the unit on scale drawings.

Friday Night Live Draws a Crowd at Anshei Lubavitch

Over 100 people gathered at Anshei Lubavitch last Friday night to celebrate an inspiring Shabbos together. “The concept of this weekend was, simply, ‘Shabbos!’” said Director Rabbi Levi Neubort. “The holiest day of the week needs no embellishment.” On Friday night, Rabbi Neubort retold the familiar story of Yosef Moker

Gan Yavneh Loves Chanukah

Gan Yavneh began learning about Chanukah through stories, singing and sensory play. The yeladim have made handprint menorahs, craft stick menorahs and have already begun making their real menorah. They enjoyed playing games like Chanukah Bingo and spinning dreidels too. They also like to spin their bodies like dreidels and

Bruriah Middle School Students Prepare for the Future

Bruriah Middle School is preparing their girls for the future. During an eight-week specialty course, the girls in seventh grade are learning about financial literacy. Through fun activities and the guidance of Leah Schwartz, they will have a solid foundation to help them grow into financially responsible adults. With a budget of

TABC Freshmen Parents Gather for Meet and Greet

Last week TABC freshman parents came from all different communities for a very special meet and greet at the home of Sheva and Dov Adler in Teaneck. It was a beautiful evening filled with warm feelings and camaraderie, delicious food and fun raffle prizes. Kudos to the fabulous host committee for all their hard

KC Kids Aftercare Program At He’Atid Loves Chanukah

Chanukah and ruach are being felt by all the students in KC Kids at Yeshivat He’Atid! This week children made Chanukah cards for patients in local hospitals and for the elderly in Care One. Both the younger and older divisions made beaded decorations and used ‘magic noodles’ too. Some students even performed and sang

Yeshivat Noam Buds Love Hosting Their Families for Chanukah Celebrations

The Idea School Joins March for Solidarity

On Sunday January 5, The Idea School students and parents joined the March for Solidarity, standing united with thousands of people across the metropolitan area against hate and anti-Semitism. The march began in Foley Square in Manhattan and continued across the Brooklyn Bridge to Columbus Park.