Saturday, October 19, 2019


MTA Juniors Build Sukkahs for the Elderly

On Thursday, October 3, MTA juniors braved the rain and joined the Jewish Home Family’s [email protected] program and built sukkahs for those who were unable to build their own. Talmidim enjoyed participating in this program, which enables them to help community members fulfill

Cliff ‘The Bee Man’ Visits Yeshivat Noam

In honor of Rosh Hashanah, Cliff “The Bee Man” Sunflower came to talk to Yeshivat Noam k-third grades about bees and honey. The students learned how bees grow and collect pollen, along with how they make honey. Each child made a wax candle to take home. The program was interactive and fun with stations around

LPS Celebrates Sukkot

The children at Lubavitch on the Palisades helped build a sukkah to prepare for the holiday. They learned about the special bracha of sitting and eating in to sukkah and they enjoyed a special snack.

Ma’ayanot Spreads New Year Cheer

Ma’ayanot students delivered Yom Tov treats to elderly residents living in the Bronx. Many were Russian immigrants who were so proud of their Jewish heritage and so excited to celebrate the new year! Thank you to the Bronx Jewish Community Council, who arranged and coordinated the visits.

Moriah Pre-K Gets Ready for Sukkot

In Moriah’s pre-k, the children are getting ready for Sukkot. First they learned the names for all of the holiday symbols in Hebrew. Then they worked with cards and a booklet to use their new vocabulary to build sentences. The morot are so proud of how much Hebrew they are learning!

RYNJ Students Are Ready For Yom Tov

TABC Culinary Arts Class Prepares for Chagim

When it came to creating the curriculum for TABC’s new Culinary Arts Program, Cary Reichardt, veteran teacher and chair of the history department, knew wanted to expose the students to the cuisine of Jewish communities around the world. For thousands of years, Jews have adopted foods from the many lands in which they

Yavneh Students Get Ready for Sukkot

In preparation for Sukkot, Yavneh Academy early childhood students created their own ushpizin, lulavim, etrogim and beautiful etrog boxes.

The Idea School Welcomes Parents at Open School Night

Back to School Night at The Idea School welcomed a growing crowd of new and returning parents. The faculty led hands-on sessions in each discipline allowing the parents to engage and experience the school’s project-based learning model first hand. Student work was on display throughout the school giving the

Kol Chaverim Preschool Can’t Wait for Sukkot

KCP gets ready to celebrate Sukkot by shaking their lulav. The infants and toddlers held a plush lulav while our older classes made their own lulav and etrog. The yeladim collaged an etrog with different textures. This was a wonderful fine motor activity in which the children practiced their pincer finger grasp. They

BPY Says Selichot

The kitah aleph students have learned about and have been reciting Selichot each morning. They pray to Hashem, along with special hand gestures taught to them by their morah while asking for forgiveness. It is extremely meaningful, heartfelt and great preparation for the days to come!

BPY Learning Brings Achdut During Fifth Grade Mishmar

Kitah hey had a fantastic time during their first mishmar of the year! The grade came together for mincha, chevruta learning, a competitive and friendly Yamim Noraim themed Jeopardy game and dinner. Tefillot, learning, educational fun and quality time together with teachers and peers—all at BPY on a Wednesday