Monday, September 23, 2019


Welcome Back! First Day of School: RPRY

Welcome Back! First Day of School:TCA

Welcome Back! First Day of School: SSDS

Reading Specialist Tamar Hardy Introduces New Learning Center

Tamar Hardy loves to read and wants others to as well. As a child, Tamar struggled with her reading skills and felt limited because of it. Today she is an avid reader who has dedicated her time to helping children overcome their limitations with reading.

“The confidence that comes with

Philanthropy Works; We Just Need More of It

Hillel Rapp has identified a serious impediment to solving the tuition crisis—namely, the spiraling costs incurred by day schools. This, according to Rapp, is caused in large measure by the pressure to raise the costs ever higher in an ongoing effort to attract more donations. He suggests that if schools would instead focus on

To Lower Tuition Costs, Stop Donating to Schools And Start a Bank

A popular narrative in the Jewish day school community considers affordability to be the most critical problem facing Jewish education, perhaps even the Jewish future, in the Diaspora. It is also likely that more philanthropic money currently flows into Jewish schools than at any point since the day school movement began. At the

Envision Theater Now Offers Actor Training for Girls

Rebecca Lopkin, artistic director and founder of Envision Theater, has been providing actor training to children in the Bergen County area for the past eight years. This fall, she is excited to announce her newest endeavor, Sunday Theater Workshop Courses, offered to girls from pre-K through high school.

Welcome Back! New Hires for Schools 2019-2020

Ma’ayanot Welcomes New Hires for 2019-2020

Alayne Birnhak will be joining Ma’ayanot’s college guidance team this year. Birnhak brings to this role

The Fundamental Link Between Speech, Language and Literacy

Avi is in the fifth grade, and he is struggling in school. He has been tested multiple times over the years, however the results are always inconclusive. He has no definitive challenges in any one area, but he has difficulty keeping up with his peers in subjects such as English, social studies and science. His grades are decent, yet he is

MTA Visits Talmidim and Alumni at Day Camps

MTA rebbeim had a great time visiting incoming and current talmidim and alumni at Camp Regesh and Camp Shalom. MTA also enjoyed hosting a great group of Camp Slapshots campers on its campus!

Ma’ayanot Students Get Visit From Home

Ma’ayanot faculty visits Rapids at their summer homes, bringing Ma’ayanot warmth and spirit to students.

MTA Visits Talmidim and Alumni at Summer Programs

MTA rebbeim reunited with talmidim and alumni at summer programs in Israel and the U.S., including NCSY Kollel, Camp Morasha, Morasha Kollel and Camp Mesorah! They had tremendous nachat from seeing both their talmidim and alumni thrive over the summer!