Friday, December 06, 2019


Yavneh Academy Students Are Thankful

Yavneh Academy students celebrated Thanksgiving dressed in their hand-made costumes. The proud Pilgrims and thankful turkeys children marched through the Yavneh hallways while singing festive songs during the annual Yavneh Thanksgiving Parade. The children then gathered in the cafeteria for their Thanksgiving

Yeshivat Frisch Celebrates Thanksgiving

Yeshivat Frisch students enjoyed apple pie as a pre-Thanksgiving treat last week. Advisory classes had the opportunity to take stock of what we are thankful for in our lives—family, friends, Frisch and so much more!

Heichal Rewards Students for Learning Over Sukkot Vacation

Sixty two Heichal students received incentives for learning more than 10 hours over Sukkot vacation. Twenty four students learned over 30 hours and enjoyed a dinner at ETC as the reward.

The Gan Henel Community Gives Thanks

The Gan Henel students cooked, created, baked, measured and tasted so many delicious dishes for their Thanksgiving feast. At the feast they celebrated with the dishes, decorations, songs and stories and—of course—turkey!

Teachers also discussed being thankful. Students and

BPY Kollel Inspires Great Enthusiasm

BPY’s middle school kollel program is underway and it has been inspiring to see how enthusiastic students and parents are about added limud Torah! Rav Yaakov Wacks and Rav Yoav Cochav are teaching the boys, while Morah Shirli Cochav and Morah Merav Wacks are the facilitators for the girls. There have been

TABC Hosts Post-Thanksgiving Day Shiur

On the day after Thanksgiving, dozens of talmidim, parents and even grandparents gathered for a shiur by Rabbi Daniel Fridman on the topic of hakarat hatov. Rabbi Fridman developed the idea that the halachic concept of gratitude is to offer thanks not when one has all that one desires, but, on the contrary, for the blessings one

Yeshivat He’Atid Is Thankful

Yeshivat He’Atid preschool classes prepared for Thanksgiving by tie-dying T-shirts using natural resources, and decorating headdresses with patterns and Native American names. The building smelled fabulous with all the delicious food the classes prepared for their Thanksgiving feasts. The third graders wrote

SINAI at RYNJ Students Bake Challah

On Wednesday, November 20, the sixth grade girls at SINAI at RYNJ were privileged to host Rebbetzin Chaviva Rothwachs for a challah baking activity. As part of SINAI’s Bat Mitzvah Program (which is funded in its entirety by Jewish Federation NNJ) and in conjunction with the study of famous Jewish role models, the sixth

Tenafly Chabad Academy Welcomes Scholastic Book Fair

One of the most anticipated weeks of the year is the annual Scholastic Book Fair. Students, staff and parents spent time selecting books and making suggestions for others. There is nothing like the sight of children getting excited to have a new book in their hands. Happy reading!

Yavneh Chesed Mornings Continue

Yavneh’s eighth grade chesed mornings continued this week! Students learned the art of mitzvah clowning with Areyvut, visited Daughters of Miriam, performed for Cafe Europa and visited Yad Leah where they children packed up clothing to be sent to Israel. Yavneh also collected eight carloads of clothing and

TABC Students and Faculty Come Together for Memorable Shabbaton

Students from Highland Park and Edison travel a long way each day in order to take part in the TABC experience, so one Shabbat a year, the student body travels to Highland Park and brings the warmth and ruach of TABC down the New Jersey Turnpike. This year’s shabbaton took place on November 22-23 and over 100 TABC

Kol Chaverim Preschool in Fair Lawn Loves Playing Outdoors

Kol Chaverim Preschool loves the crisp fall weather. Infants and toddlers classes love to watch the leaves fall as they enjoy to walk in the stroller and swing on our swings! Twos and threes classes stretch their bodies by dancing and jumping on the playground. The pre-k class enjoys going down slides and using