Thursday, January 23, 2020


Yeshivat Frisch Students Start New Daf Yomi Cycle

A new Daf Yomi cycle has begun, and so has a daily Daf Yomi shiur at Yeshivat Frisch! After attending the Siyum HaShas on January 1, a group of over 30 students were inspired to begin their own journey through Shas. The shiur is given by Frisch Talmud faculty, is open to all students and meets immediately following breakfast.

Cuddle Up and Read at Tenafly Chabad Academy

There’s nothing better than cuddling up with a warm mug of cocoa and a good book, and that is exactly how Tenafly Chabad Academy kicked-off the annual school-wide Read-a-Thon. On Friday, January 10, children in grades one through five were invited to bring blankets, pillows, sleeping bags and stuffed animals to

Moriah Kindergarten Completes Star Name Unit

The Moriah School kindergartners recently enjoyed a very special celebration—the completion of their star name unit. Over the past several months, every child and morah in their class had the opportunity to be the star name. They examined their name, noting the spelling, what letter the name begins with and how many

Anshei Lubavitch Is a Winter Wonderland

Anshei Lubavitch students learned all about winter by transforming their classroom into a winter wonderland. They incorporated winter themes into their math, science, engineering, literacy and sensory explorations by sorting and counting snowballs, making baking soda-conditioner “snow,” building a giant igloo,

Yeshivat Noam Second Graders Create ‘How To’ Books

Students in second grade finished writing their own “How To” books. Everyone had the chance to share their books with their class. Students are experts in so many areas, from setting the table to jumping on a pogo stick!


Heichal HaTorah YAF Club Hosts Executive Director of Chovevei Zion

The YAF Club at Heichal HaTorah, a chapter of the national organization Young Americans for Freedom which promotes conservatism and individual liberties, hosted Nachman Mostofsky this month. Mostofsky is the executive director of Chovevei Zion, the only center-right Jewish organization in the U.S. He spoke to a large crowd of

Yeshivat He’Atid Celebrates Completion of Sefer Bereishit

In honor of the completion of Sefer Bereishit, He’Atid preschool classes joined together for an interactive Bereishit fair. Each classroom set up different activities representing the different parshiot. A visit to Avraham’s tent, challah baking and collaborative rainbow art were just a few of the activities

BPY MS Learns the Physics Of the Winter Olympics

These past two weeks at BPY, students have been hard at work preparing for the Winter Physics Olympics Discovery Learning Day event. Students were challenged to either build aerodynamic miniature bobsleds to race down a model bobsled track or to build a ski jump that would maximize the distance a lego figure could

MTA Hosts Successful Study Night

On Monday, January 6, MTA held its first study night of the year. Spearheaded by the Arista Honors Society and its senior leadership, study night provides students with the opportunity to attend review sessions given by their teachers to help them prepare for finals. With more than 200 students participating, the

Gan Yaldenu Tots of Bergenfield Learn About Winter

The children at Gan Yaldenu Tots of Bergenfield have been busy learning about the winter. They are learning what they need to keep themselves warm when they play outside.

BCHSJS Teacher to Be Honored As Educator of the Year

Rabbi Gary Hoffman has been teaching at the Bergen County High School of Jewish Studies (BCHSJS) for the past 19 years. He received a bachelor’s from Y.U. in classical languages; an master’s from Teachers College, Columbia University in educational administration; and rabbinical ordination from RIETS. At BCHSJS, he

Yeshivat Noam Seventh Graders Learn About Molecules

Seventh grade science students built gummy bear compounds in order to discover the configuration of different kinds of molecules.