Saturday, January 25, 2020


Yeshivat Noam Students Compete in ‘Top Chef’ Latke Making Contest

Hachnasat Orchim Is Part of Chanukah at BPY

There is always love within the walls of the BPY building but on Wednesday, it was especially overflowing with love and nachat from grandparents, special visitors, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins—all under one roof! There was singing and candle lighting, joint art projects, Chanukah-themed game shows, cookie decorating, picture

RKYHS Students Celebrate Chanukah in Newark Helping the Homeless

Approximately 20 students from the RKYHS Homeless Awareness Club headed out to Newark this Chanukah. Their first stop was at Ahavas Shalom, an active Newark shul, to light the menorah. They had the opportunity to listen to Eric Freedman, a member of the shul and a JKHA parent, talk about the history of the shul.

JKHA Students Create and Wire Working Menorot

As a culminating activity to their electricity unit, fourth grade students wired menorahs that they designed and built. Students built closed circuits with a switch to light each menorah. The designs and material of the menorahs were only limited to the students’ imagination. Some of the students used

RPRY Chanukiya Exhibit Is Illuminated With Student Creativity

The third grade Chanukiya Exhibit at RPRY was alight with creativity, learning, and simcha for the chag!

Cheder Yaldei Menachem Enjoys Chanukah

Cheder Yaldei Menachem celebrated Chanukah with a special parent-child workshop this week! Parents had the opportunity to join their children in the classroom for quality time creating Chanukah crafts and decorating doughnuts. A personalized photo card with the blessings for Chanukah candle lighting was also given

JEC Middle School Hosts Father-Son Yom Iyun

How amazing it is when parents use their vacation day to learn with their children! The annual JEC yom iyun, which took place this Wednesday, was a chance for parents to enjoy nachat while learning with their sons. The day began with a beautiful Chanukah davening. A hearty breakfast was enjoyed by all, culminating

Seniors and IDEA School Students Convene For ‘Better Together’ Philanthropy Program

For the past two months, every Wednesday over a shared meal, the students of the IDEA School and the seniors of the Senior Adult Services at the Kaplen JCC have gathered together to decide upon an organization to which to donate a sum of $8,000 allocated by JCC donors.

Our first meeting, in late

MTA Dorm Is Home for Talmidim From Across the World

Talmidim from across the tri-state area, the country and the world, call the MTA dorm home during the school year and enjoy the warmth of the yeshiva’s dorm community. From shabbatons to Sunday afternoon trips, weekly family-style dinners and inspiring shiurim and chaburahs, there is a variety of meaningful programming for dorm

JKHA Students Spread the Light of Chanukah With Challah Deliveries

As part of the Kushner Cares initiative in middle school, the students participated in a “Naomi’s Challah” bake. They shared the light of Chanukah by bringing one of the challot they made to someone in their community who would benefit from a visit. Their act goes well beyond the mitzvah of making challah as

TCA Middle School Students Make LED Menorahs as  STEAM Project

Tenafly Chabad Academy middle school students used their artistic talents to design and draw a 2-D menorah and then brought the menorahs to “light.” They used conductive copper tape, LED bulbs and the knowledge they learned in STEM class about electric circuitry to create working electric menorahs.

Heichal HaTorah Hosts Swearing-In Ceremony For Jewish Chaplain

Heichal HaTorah hosted a swearing-in ceremony for a new Jewish military chaplain, Teaneck resident, Rabbi Ezra Frazer, now a first lieutenant in the Air Force Reserve. Organized by Rabbi Mitchell Rocklin, an Army National Guard chaplain who teaches at Heichal, the event brought out the entire school to watch and cheer on the U.S.