Monday, January 20, 2020


Yeshivat He’Atid Families Join for Chanukah

YH family and friends joined together to celebrate Chanukah at their annual Chanukah chagiga at Urban Air. A special thank you to all those who made this event awesome! Urban Air, Yafe Caterers, Crazy Cotton Candy and the YHPA. Chanukah sameach to all!


Moriah Nursery Has Chanukah Fun

Chanukah at Moriah nursery has been a blast! Marching Maccabees, dancing candles, spinning sevivonim and singing sufganiyot fill their classroom and hallways. The children have been acting out the story of Yehudah HaMaccabee and his little army’s triumph over Antiochus and the Greeks. Miraculous! They marvel at that

Mordechai Shapiro Wows at RYNJ

The RYNJ PTA provided an incredible Chanukah chagiga for the entire school! The morning buzz started when every student was given an amazing WeRYNJ shirt. The boys were directed to go to the gym where they watched a beautiful performance by the RYNJ choir. Then Mordechai Shapiro took the stage and the excitement

Yavneh Academy Enjoys Chanukah

The avirah of Chanukah was felt immediately throughout the building on the first day of the chag! In their best Chanukah apparel, students made levivot and sufganiyot, participated in a special version of Chanukah “Minute to Win It” and were treated to a sufganiyah bar!

Yeshivat Noam Wishes Everyone a Happy Chanukah

Heichal HaTorah and BMT Learn Together on Chanukah

On Monday morning, the first day of Chanukah, the beit midrash of Teaneck and the 12th graders of Heichal HaTorah learned together and heard an amazing shiur from Rav Michoel Parnes on the obligation of hodaah on Chanukah. The members of BMT and the senior class at Heichal learned b’chavruta before breaking off to hear

Kol Chaverim Preschool Hosts Eighth Annual Chanukah Chagiga

KCP families joined together on Sunday and for a fun filled family Chanukah day! We spun dreidels, ate gelt and sufganiyot and danced to Chanukah music. They also enjoyed crafts, face-painting and glitter tattoos. They loved spending time together and took some hilarious photos at the family photo booth! Chag

Yehuda HaMaccabee Teaches Anshei Lubavitch To Make Shemen Zayit

The students of Anshei Lubavitch helped Yehuda HaMaccabee make oil out of olives! They squished the olives by hand and then used the olive press and the centrifuge to separate and purify the oil. They learned how to make wicks for the menorah using cotton balls and then lit the menorah together using the

LPS Has Fun Chanukah Parties

Lubavitch on the Palisades invited parents, grandparents and special guests to celebrate Chanukah with their preschoolers. Children sang, danced, created edible treats and enjoyed jelly doughnuts in honor of the holiday. A wonderful time was had by all who attended the festivities!

Chanukah Is in the Air at Tenafly Chabad Academy

Let the Chanukah festivities begin! To kick off the week, students in grades one through five were treated to a Chanukah sing along with the Heichal High School band.

Chanukah sameach from TCA!


Heichal HaTorah Transforms Into Maccabee Warrior Course for Chanukah

On Monday, December 23, the first day of Chanukah, the Heichal HaTorah gym was transformed into a Maccabee warrior course. Heichal talmidim enjoyed a really fun afternoon of challenging physical activities.

KC Kids Aftercare at He’Atid Gets in the Chanukah Spirit

KC Kids enjoyed having a special guest, Aya, a shlicha from Jewish Federation join them this week. They played Chanukah Bingo games together and interactive Hebrew movement games. KC Kids also enjoyed Chanukah trivia, dreidel tournaments and making Chanukah decorations for local hospitals this week! Chag Sameach to all!