Saturday, January 18, 2020


Yavneh Academy First Graders Make Olive Oil

Yavneh first graders experienced the exciting process of making their own olive oil. They pitted and crushed the slippery olives with their hands! They squeezed the olives in the olive press, turning them into olive juice. They students learned about using centrifugal force, the force of spinning in order to

The Idea School Celebrates Chanukah

The Idea School students and faculty enjoyed a Chanukah party at the home of Wendy Rothwachs. Festivities included favorite Chanukah games such as Scattergories, amazing traditional foods and plenty of laughs and camaraderie.


Yeshivat Noam Early Childhood Prepares For Chanukah

Through art, play, music and games, Yeshivat Noam early childhood students learned about and prepared for Chanukah!

JKHA Students Participate In Inter-grade Chanukah STEAM Program

JKHA lower school and middle school came together for an inter-grade Chanukah STEAM program. The students engaged in activities in four rotating groups. They programmed Sphero Ball robots to draw Chanukah shapes controlled by the ball, and programmed Dash and Dots robots to trace the shape of the dreidel that was

RPRY Hosts Early Childhood Pre-Chanukah Melava Malka

What a beautiful night filled with song, crafts and dance lichvod Chanukah at the early childhood melava malka! Three hundred parents, teachers, grandparents and of course students attended this special event! Chanukah sameach from RPRY!


BPY Is Better Together

This year the BPY middle school is running a Better Together program which is generously supported by a prominent national foundation. The program provides students with a unique intergenerational opportunity. The theme for the year is “Tradition.” Throughout the year, students will be meeting with residents, at an assisted

Moriah Staff Has Night Out

L’chaim! Last Tuesday evening, the Moriah faculty and staff went to see “Fiddler on the Roof” in Yiddish on Broadway! This was a special Chanukah treat for everyone. The show was wonderful, even for all of the non-Yiddish speakers. Moriah is grateful to all of their teachers for everything that they do. Chag urim

Lauren Elise Bier Nursery School Celebrates Chanukah

The children of the Lauren Elise Bier Nursery School at Congregation AABJ&D in West Orange are focusing on giving as they learn about Chanukah. The children and their families are partaking in an eight days of giving project which includes cards for Lone Soldiers in the IDF, collecting canned goods to be

JKHA Students Recreate The Menorah in the Mishkan

After sixth graders at JKHA learned in Sefer Bamidbar about the menorah that was in the mishkan, they had the opportunity to create their own drawing of the menorah. From the pesukim, they learned many of the details of the menorah and what it was made out of. The students learned that there are different opinions

Ma’ayanot and NCSY Help Rebuild Houston

Ma’ayanot students, together with NCSY advisers, flew to Houston last week to help repair some of the devastation left behind by the hurricane. They assisted in helping to rebuild homes and spent a spirited Shabbat with the community.


Naaleh Freshmen Celebrate The 19th of Kislev

Rabbi Jaffe and Rabbi Weinberg led their ninth grade Halacha and machshava classes in a farbrengen to mark the the 19th of Kislev, the day Chassidic leader R’ Shneur Zalman of Liadi was released from prison. They shared Chassidic teachings and songs while enjoying potato kugel and sparkling grape juice. The students left inspired

Eighth Graders Experience MTA at Student Visit Day

MTA was excited to welcome an amazing group of eighth graders on Tuesday, December 3, for a Student Visit Day. The students had the opportunity to experience shiur and classes, get to know MTA’s stellar talmidim, rebbeim and faculty, explore its extracurriculars and feel the incredible MTA energy!