Wednesday, April 01, 2020


BPY BaBayit Launches For ES and MS

BPY BaBayit was launched on Monday, creating an even stronger connection between home and school. As students, families and teachers adjust to virtual school, the BPY teachers have created engaging lessons and activities to help bring some sense of normalcy to this new situation. When creating the lessons for this

Israel Baseball Brings Kinsler Into the Fold

Following Team Israel’s meteoric rise to Olympic heights, four-time MLB All-Star Ian Kinsler, widely recognized as the greatest Jewish second baseman of all time, made aliyah earlier this month. His goal: helping the blue-and-white squad win Israel’s first-ever medal in a team sport.


Moriah Learns Remotely

Zoom zoom zoom! Although its doors are closed, Moriah is still in session! Thanks to the help of Zoom conferencing software, Moriah is able to hold regular classes and special programming all from the comfort of students’ homes. A big yasher koach to the entire administration and technology staff who have

Ma’ayanot Goes Virtual

Ma’ayanot students and faculty have been enjoying their virtual classroom experiences. All have been enjoying the camaraderie and sense of community that comes with the face to face interaction, even if it is on a screen. Thank you to the amazing tech staff that have worked tirelessly to ensure that this week has gone

Yeshivat Frisch: Together While Apart

It has been a week and a half like no other, as Yeshivat Frisch transitioned to online instruction. Frisch’s first day of remote classes began on Wednesday, March 11, with a Zoom address by Principal Rabbi Ciner. He began by reciting a perek of tehillim for all those affected by COVID-19. He also addressed the

TABC Takes Learning Online

TABC had a substantive and informative faculty training last week, led by faculty member Aryeh Tiefenbrunn, on a variety of methods of online learning while school is closed. Zoom classes on the pilot day were a success and the day finished off with a virtual kumzitz and dvar Torah by Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Adler.

Bake Challah With Gan Henel at Home

Morah Eli and her little assistant Miriam from Gan Henel, measured, poured mixed and kneaded on a zoom live for the Gan Henel students.

Some children brought the ingredients and made challah too! Others watched and sang!

It was an amazing zoom

Naaleh Zooms Through the Week

Naaleh students engaging in distance learning and activities with faculty.

Yeshivat He’Atid Gives Daily Stem Challenge

What can you do with an empty cereal box? Monday morning as Yeshivat He’Atid prepared for their second day of distance learning, students were challenged to see what they could come up with to make out of an empty cereal box. After a great day of virtual learning, the submissions began to roll in. A princess

Yavneh Academy Learns Online

Shushan Purim is traditionally one of the most anticipated days at Yavneh Academy, with costumes, activities and many other festivities that culminate two weeks of Adar celebrations. This year, with the coronavirus already having cancelled Yavneh’s Purim chagiga (relegating the eighth grade boys to a smaller

Anshei Lubavitch Students Participate in Virtual Learning

While we all wait impatiently for in-person school to resume, Anshei Lubavitch has taken the show on the road—the information superhighway, to be precise! Teachers conducted davening circles, story times, parsha lessons and even science experiments via Youtube and Zoom video conferencing platforms. The students also

The Idea School Practices Project-Based Online Instruction

The Idea School online classes continue to inspire, engage and connect students. Faculty and staff held their regular classes as well as virtual get togethers for mishmar, after-school clubs, advisory and tefillah talks. Students are loving testing this new mode of virtual project-based learning, having fun with