Thursday, January 23, 2020


Bruriah Students Get Inspired at WINS Program

Bruriah students enjoyed another uplifting Motzei Shabbos WINS Program this past week. Participants gained insight and motivation from Rabbi Chaim Sampson from Project Inspire and packed 22 boxes of clothing for Yad Leah. It was a wonderful way to spend time learning and growing on a Motzei Shabbos!

JKHA Middle School Students Learn to Be Smart Digital Citizens

As part of the middle school’s ongoing effort to teach students about being responsible in the fast-paced, digital world, fifth through eighth grades participated in an interactive program about teenagers and technology with Detective Edward DeLafuente of the Millburn Police Department. Drawing on his experience in law

Hilchot Tzitzit Come to Life For JEC Fourth Grade Boys

As part of their Halacha curriculum, Rabbi David Pietruszka’s fourth grade class at The JEC Lower School has been learning hilchot tzitzit. After learning through the basic halachot, the class watched a series of TorahLive videos explaining how tzitzit are actually made. As a culminating activity, the boys tied

Cheder Yaldei Menachem Starts Sefer Shemot

This week at Cheder Yaldei Menachem, the children celebrated the end of Sefer Bereishit with a chazak siyum! The children made chazak hats and flags and danced through the school while singing “Chazak chazak v’nitchazek!” They all had a great time and can’t wait to start Sefer Shemot!

JKHA Holds School-Wide Siyum Day

JKHA held a school-wide Yom Siyum, tapping into the excitement of the broader Jewish community and connecting them to the gathering of over 100,000 Jews at the Siyum HaShas. In preparation, lower school students were introduced to the concept of a siyum in general and the Siyum HaShas. They were challenged to read

RPRY Teams Make Finals in Robotics Competition

RPRY’s seventh grade participated in the first Yeshiva League VEX IQ Middle School Robotics Competition! Thirty-three schools participated, and two of RPRY’s teams made it to the finals. They showed great sportsmanship, achdut and school spirit as they competed with robots they built and coded.

JEC Middle School Prepares And Delivers Gifts to Neighbors

The sounds of children playing, balls bouncing, music and carpool, are the soundtrack of a vibrant school. At the same time, living on the block of a school isn’t always easy. Carpool lines and lively children can be challenges that come along with such a location. Keeping this is mind, the JEC decided to

Bruriah Middle School Big Sister Program Brings Student Smiles

The JEC is a family institution, and a recent Big Sister program demonstrated the power of family. Eighth graders joined the first graders at JEC Lower School for a pre-Chanukah Big Sister program. The first graders enjoyed several Minute-To-Win-It challenges, such as shaping Chanukah words out of clay and completing

Sephardic Culture Day at Moriah Celebrates the Rambam

Last week Moriah celebrated their second Sephardic Culture Day of the school year. Students had the opportunity to participate in Sephardic-theme activities throughout the day specifically geared towards the theme of the Rambam. The early childhood students learned about this important figure in Jewish history as

Anshei Lubavitch Preschool Parties in Pajamas

Anshei Lubavitch brought the parsha to life this week with a pajama party! The children learned about the song “Hamalach Hagoel” from the bracha that Yaakov Avinu gave to his grandsons, Efraim and Menashe. The children dressed up in pajamas, made delicious pancakes and lay down to sing one of their favorite

Gan Yavneh Gets Moving

The yeladim in Gan Yavneh love to move their bodies! Each week they have movement with Coach Luis, where they kick the ball from side to side, and even practice kicking into the net. They love dancing each week with Miss G in a fun Zumba class. Their favorite activity is limbo. When Morah Stacey comes for music,

RKYHS Students Hear From People With Careers in the Arts

December was the Month of the Arts in RKYHS, and as part of the programming, students had the opportunity to learn about many of the different careers available in the arts. RKYHS hosted artists in residence during lunch and several of the guest speakers stayed to address the 11th and 12th grade studio art classes