Thursday, May 23, 2019


Four TABC Students to Spend Summer at Yale University’s Tikvah Institute

The Tikvah Institute’s summer program for high school students is held annually at Yale University. The highly competitive intellectual program focuses on Judaism and modernity. Torah Academy of Bergen County is proud to announce that four of their juniors, Ephraim Helfgot, Yishai Rosenberg, Michael Schwartz and Yoni Weinreich

Tenafly Chabad Academy Commemorates Yom HaShoah

In honor of Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, Tenafly Chabad Academy had several programs and discussions throughout the day to commemorate and remember all of our brothers and sisters, as well as all other innocent victims, who were murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust.

Gan Henel Students Enjoy Muffins With Moms

Gan Henel moms and special guests enjoyed art, food and decorating at school with their children in preparation for Mother’s Day.

Frisch Students Travel to Switzerland

From May 1 to May 7, I was privileged to go on a trip to Switzerland with Frisch along with nine other students. In March, seven students from Basel, Switzerland came to Frisch to visit Teaneck, so I was excited to reunite with them. This trip was an unforgettable experience where not only did I have fun, but I

Preschool at Chabad of Fort Lee Holds Mommy and Me Challah Bake

Moms of Preschool at Chabad were treated to an interactive Mommy and Me Challah Bake. All ingredients were pre-measured and elegantly set up on the tables. Moms and children, dressed with aprons for the occasion got to work. They added ingredients, mixed and kneaded the challah dough, made the customary blessing

Anshei Lubavitch Preschoolers Go to Space

Morah Leah’s gimmel class continued their transportation unit with a special solar system week. Students came to school on Monday and found that the classroom had been transformed into outer space complete with astronaut and alien costumes. Over the week, the students brought the solar system theme into their

RKYHS AIPAC Students Hear From Jerusalem Post Correspondent

Students from the RKYHS AIPAC group had the opportunity to Skype with Gil Hoffman, chief diplomatic correspondent from the Jerusalem Post. Hoffman analyzed the recent Israeli elections as well as covering some of the critical issues that are happening in Israel today. He gave the students a fascinating, off-the-record briefing

JEC Lower School Has Family Fun Day

It may have been raining outside, yet when entering the YM-YWHA of Union County, children and parents felt the warmth of the JEC family. Hundreds joined together on Sunday to celebrate yet another great year together. Families gathered and responded in unison to Rabbi Beer’s charge of “Who are we?,” proudly

JEC High School Students Make Siyum With Daf Hashavua

Last Monday, Rosh Chodesh Iyar, several students made a siyum on Masechet Megillah. Giving of their own free time, they learned, together with Rabbi Frankel, 20 minutes of Gemara a day during lunch. What an amazing accomplishment!

BPY Eighth Grade Hosts Rabbi Reichman

BPY eighth graders were so engaged in a shiur taught by Rabbi Zev Reichman about Masechet Bava Metzia. The sugya was about two people fighting over a tallit that they found. Each claimed it as his own. What happens next? The students discussed and analyzed the ideas and asked well thought-out questions. Rabbi Reichman

Heichal HaTorah

This past Thursday, in honor of Yom HaShoah, Heichal HaTorah talmidim heard from two inspirational speakers. Rav Arie Kliger, a survivor, shared the fascinating story of his escape. The boys were moved to sing “Ani Ma’amin” and dance with Rabbi Kliger.

Rav Yehoshua

Yavneh Academy

To commemorate Yom HaShoah, fourth grade students viewed Yavneh Academy’s Torah scroll from Vyskov, Czechoslovakia, which was rescued from the Nazis. The Torah was presented by the Class of 1985. The curtain for the Torah scroll showcase is only raised once a year, on Yom HaShoah. Yavneh faculty member Azi Steiner sat in