Monday, September 23, 2019


Moriah Gets In Gear to Engineer

This week the Moriah STEM lab kicked off the beginning of the year with multi-grade newspaper engineering challenges.

Modeled after skyscrapers, the first and second grade students were broken into teams to build the tallest freestanding structure using only newspaper and tape.

MTA Senior Named National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist

MTA is proud to announce that senior Elishama Marmon, of Bergenfield, has been named as one of the 16,000 semi-finalists in the 65th Annual National Merit Scholarship Program. All semi-finalists will have the opportunity to continue the competition for the chance to win one of 7,600 National Merit Scholarships, worth more than $31

Bruriah Kicks Off Student-Run Breakfast Program

Bruriah High School students and their GO leadership group began a student-run breakfast program as a way to bring spirit to the mornings as well as develop a fundraising initiative for the school. The program was kickstarted on the first day with complimentary breakfast for all students.

JEC High School AP Students Begin With End in Mind

Last week, Jeffery Frank’s AP U.S. history classes graded actual AP writing sections that he, an official AP scorer, reviewed last June. Through seeing the exam as graders, the class got a first-hand look at what they need to do to be successful next May. As they progress through the year, they will use this exercise and others

RPRY Sixth Grade Brings Science to Life

The sixth grade science classes with Emily Menasha have already begun learning about the scientific method. The students learned about observing and then creating testable questions to create an experiment based on their observations. The students have also been learning about the four systems or spheres on Earth—the

JEC Primer Reviews Aleph Bet

Primer children are having a blast reviewing their aleph bet! Morah Shana Weissman, limudei kodesh teacher, brings a love of Torah and mitzvot to her classroom every single day! Each letter has a picture and motion to remind the children what sound it makes. JEC’s little cuties act out “baseball bet,”

RKYHS Students Distribute Supplies to Homeless in Newark

The RKYHS Homeless Awareness Committee kicked off its year of programming. The group visited the streets of Newark to hand out clothing and food. Throughout the year, the RKYHS Homeless Awareness Committee holds clothing drives, makes monthly visits to the homeless in Newark, holds programs with the New York City

MTA Freshmen Take to the Trails on Grade-Wide Hike

On Thursday, September 12, the entire MTA freshman grade enjoyed an exciting day of hiking. Talmidim spent time bonding with each other and their rebbeim on the hiking trails, where they pushed themselves outside their comfort zones in team-building activities and had the opportunity to make new friends. After a

JKHA Installs Sensory Hallway To Encourage Movement

Early childhood and lower school division is excited about its newest addition of a sensory hallway. The active hallway will allow students to get up and move, and then re-center, re-energize and re-focus.

A sensory hallway helps to improve self-regulation for children by

Bruriah Hosts Visitors From Greater MetroWest NJ Day School Initiative and CIJE

Bruriah High School had the honor and privilege to host leaders and supporters from the Greater MetroWest Day School Initiative and CIJE to further discuss the school’s impressive STEM department. At last year’s CIJE Innovation Day, Bruriah took first and second place prizes in the category named for Dr. Lynne B.

Hashkafa Thursdays Begin At JEC High School

Every other Thursday, JEC students will benefit from an hashkafa initiative, new to the school this year. With a variety of learning modalities including Ask the Rabbi sessions, shiurei klali, shmuzin and more, each student can learn about important and relevant topics that speak directly to him. Last week, the ninth grade

Welcome Back! First Day of School: TABC