Saturday, January 18, 2020


Yeshivat Noam Second Graders Receive Their Chumashim

Yeshivat Noam second graders sang with enthusiasm and happiness at their Tekes Kabbalat HaChumash on Sunday. Each class had its own amazing performance, enabling each student to have an opportunity to shine. The students also presented an art project and a technology presentation showcasing their learning of Sefer

RYNJ Students Create Shape Masterpieces

RYNJ second grade students learned how to combine lines and organic and geometric shapes to create beautiful watercolor paintings. This was the conclusion of a unit on shapes, which is part of their art curriculum.

Anshei Lubavitch Opens Winter Camp

The inaugural year of Anshei Lubavitch’s brand new Winter Camp, under the leadership of Rabbi Eli Steinhauser, has been a major success! Scheduled during the winter break of New Jersey public schools, Anshei Lubavitch has established a fun and dynamic week-long Judaism immersion adventure for public school

Yeshivat Frisch Welcomes Grandparents

Yeshivat Frisch welcomed over 200 grandparents for its second annual Grandparents and Special Friends Day on December 26. The grandparents learned with their grandchildren b’chavruta in the beit midrash, attended a class together and stayed for the school-wide menorah lighting for the fifth night of Chanukah!

RYNJ Is Hands-On With Chanukah Learning

RYNJ third grade students enjoyed some hands on Chanukah learning. Mrs. Arfe, Adira Kelsen’s grandmother, visited their classroom and showed the talmidot how to create a menorah out of potatoes just like the one Dina’s grandfather made for her in the Hebrew story “Hachanukia shel Dina.” In addition, after

LPS Preschoolers Celebrate Chanukah With Rabbi Shain

LPS preschool children met with Rabbi Shain, executive director of Lubavitch on the Palisades. Rabbi Shain sang Chanukah songs with the children and distributed Chanukah gelt and dreidels.

Moriah Fifth Graders Create a Special Tribute

One of the most meaningful forms of chesed is giving to people you have never met. Over a year in the making, this was the basis for the Moriah fifth grade video tribute for Nancy Novak z”l project.

Novak was a special-ed teacher at Yeshiva Ktana of Passaic, boys division,

BPY Learns Parshat Vayechi

This week started off with limud Torah at BPY for third through fifth graders and their parents. Parents and children were invited to parent/child learning on yom rishon led by Rabbi Zucker. Rabbi Zucker began by framing the parsha with the group. Guess what? Ben Porat Yosef is mentioned in this week’s parsha!

Registration Is Open for Spring Semester at BCHSJS

Registration is open for new students for the spring semester at the Bergen County High School of Jewish Studies, a regional Hebrew high school for eighth to 12th graders. Classes are held at Temple Israel in Ridgewood on Sundays, and include ethics, current events, Bible, Jewish philosophy, Israel, Torah and more. Students will

Yavneh Academy Second Graders Receive Chumashim

As the Yavneh Academy second graders reenacted the receiving of the Torah at Har Sinai, they stood ready to receive their own Chumashim.

Parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, siblings and faculty watched with tremendous pride as the students performed their play flawlessly in Hebrew,

Ma’ayanot STEAM Team Goes to CIJE

Meira Shapiro and Sora Newmark represent Ma’ayanot at the CIJE Robotics Tournament. Ma’ayanot is so proud of them and Robot Rapid!

MTA Seniors Visit Beth Din of America

On Wednesday, December 18, MTA’s Senior Yeshiva Fellowship Cohort and their mashgiach, Rabbi Mendelson, visited the Beth Din of America, where they heard from active member Rabbi Shlomo Weissman. Rabbi Weissman explained everything the Beth Din does, including the three types of cases they hear: matrimonial, monetary and