Friday, December 06, 2019


Naaleh Participates in Great Big Challah Bake

In anticipation of the Shabbos Project, Naaleh students participated in the Great Big Challah Bake! Early in the week, 10th graders helped set up the venue. They worked hard to fill 800 bags of flour and salt that were needed to follow the special challah recipe.On Thursday night, Naaleh students and staff had a table with

JEC High School Holds Student-Teacher Conferences

Built into the very mission statement of the JEC High School, is the attention to growth that comes through engagement and reflection. Tuesday was a day that embodied that very principle. Each student has the opportunity to meet with each of his teachers, to engage in conversations around performance, character and overall growth.

Moriah Preps for Thanksgiving

As they gear up for Thanksgiving, the Moriah early childhood students are busy preparing for the holiday. The Moriah twos dyed natural wood beads and strung them with colored straws to make Native American necklaces. Kindergarteners learned about the craft of weaving. After an in depth discussion, they tried their

TABC Holocaust Studies Students Hear Moving Testimonies

On Monday, November 11, students in TABC’s senior elective Holocaust Studies class participated in a unique yom iyun at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City. As soon as they stepped off of the bus, they were faced with the sobering sight of a cattle car sitting at the entrance to the museum. This was their

Gan Yavneh Nursery Is Thankful

Gan Yavneh focused on hakarat hatov and thankfulness this month! The children love to share their thankfulness during maagal and through the crafts they created for Thanksgiving! They made necklaces, cereal corn, Thanksgiving placemats, Mayflower boats and more! They charted their responses about what they are

Anshei Lubavitch Decorates for Kislev

Kislev is one of Anshei Lubavitch’s favorite months! The children decorated their classrooms and the entire school building for Chanukah! They sang Chanukah songs as they made colorful dreidels and latke decorations using potatoes as stamps.


Rav Gav Addresses Yavneh Middle School Students

This past Friday the Yavneh middle school students were privileged to have Rabbi Gavriel Friedman or “Rav Gav” return to Yavneh to inspire the students and give them his take on Yavneh’s theme this year; having an עין טובה-good eye. Rabbi Friedman explained this idea of looking at things from a good perspective by

Yeshivat He’Atid Kindergarten Prepares for Thanksgiving

Kindergarten Bet has been busy learning all about Thanksgiving. They have learned all about the Native Americans and how they used natural resources in every aspect of their lives. They enjoyed using some of these natural resources to create their very own Native American clothing. They strung wooden beads

Yom Ma’ayanot Celebrates School-Wide Learning Initiative

On Friday, the 17 of Cheshvan, the day about which Parshat Noach declares “nivke’u kol ma’ayanot tehom; the great fountains of the deep were burst open” (Bereishit 7:11), Ma’ayanot celebrated what makes Ma’ayanot special by launching a special school-wide learning initiative. Inspired by the upcoming

LPS Teaches Lessons of Kindness

Lubavitch on the Palisades preschoolers learned a lesson aabout kindness in Parshat Chayei Sarah. They learned the story of Rivka who was kind to both people and animals when she gave Eliezer, a servant of Avraham, and his camels water to drink from a well after traveling a long distance. Rivka’s special kindness was recognized

Yeshivat Noam Has Another Successful YNPA Book Fair

This year’s YNPA Book Fair was one for the books! Yeshivat Noam students explored, shopped and created wish-lists during the week of the annual Book Fair, organized by the Yeshivat Noam Parents Association. On Sunday, Yeshivat Noam parents, Shira Forman, author of “Layla Tov Teaneck,” and Chana Stiefel,

RYNJ Family Math Nights Add Up to a Great Time

RYNJ recently held its annual first and second grade Family Math Nights. Each individual night included five different stations at which students—with their parents, grandparents and family members—played different math-based games! First graders enjoyed games including puzzles, dominoes, math war cards, bean