Tuesday, July 16, 2019


JEC Fifth Grade Visits Franklin Institute

JEC’s fifth grade wrapped up a wonderful year of learning with a trip to the Franklin Institute. The world famous museum lived up to its reputation. The students had a great time exploring the hands on exhibits and learning about topics ranging from train engines to physics to sports. The students were

Bruriah Celebrates Nashim Tzidkaniyot

In an evening dedicated to nashim tzidkaniyot, Bruriah’s sixth grade honored Jewish women past and present. As part of their bat mitzvah program, the students took the opportunity to learn about their individual family heritage and discover their roots. Elana Frank’s grandmother, Jane Behrmann, who traveled

RKYHS Computer Science Students Plan Escape the Room Challenges

The RKYHS ninth grade computer science students officially opened their Escape Rooms to the faculty and other students. The culminating project for the class enabled the students to develop their own Escape Room themes and develop websites and Virtual Reality environments as well as physical room models using

JKHA Students Add Meaning to Their Tefillot

As a culmination of their year-long tefillah class, eighth grade girls participated in a meaningful tefillah program. After Shacharit, and leading Hallel for the middle school girls in honor of Rosh Chodesh, there was a breakfast where each eighth grade girl was given a gift of an artistic Kriat Shema of their

JKHA Eighth Grade Studies Hydraulics for Science Fair

The JKHA eighth graders were excited to share their final projects at this year’s science fair. The theme was hydraulics and students researched the science of hydraulics, studying its impact and use in the world. Their work culminated in designing and building a hydraulics machine reinforcing their learning by

JEC Fourth Grade Girls Present Birchat Yaakov

What a way to culminate Sefer Bereishit! In a charming play, the JEC’s fourth grade girls, sang the entire birchat Yaakov, with each bracha’s meaning highlighted both by its unique tune and the accompanying choreography. It was a joyous learning experience for both the performers and their audience!

RPRY Fourth Grade Makes Siyum

Mazal tov to RPRY’s fourth grade for completing Sefer Bereshit! To celebrate this amazing accomplishment, the students presented what they learned with an interactive Torah Fair for the other grades. They finished the day with a siyum and program for their families, full of Torah teachings, song and dance. The

Bruriah Eighth Grade Hosts Money Carnival

As part of Bruriah Middle School’s Big Sister Program, the eighth grade helped reinforce the JEC first graders’ money skills by hosting a money carnival. A wonderful way for the two divisions to interact, the eighth graders taught the firsst graders to add money and identify the coins. The eighth graders organized the

Waksman Student Scholars From RKYHS Present at Rutgers University

Last May current junior Abigail Klein was selected as a Waksman Student Scholar to participate in an intensive summer training program (WSSP) to learn molecular biological and bioinformatic techniques at the Waksman Institute for Microbiology on the Rutgers University campus. Klein spent more than 100 hours working on an

TABC STEM Program Enjoys Exciting Month of May

The month of May was a busy one for the TABC STEM program! Firstly, TABC hosted its first annual STEM Showcase on Thursday, May 16, at which every student in those classes presented their end-of-year projects, with an audience of families and fellow students in attendance. Students in Shlomo Anapolle’s

Ma’ayanot Sophomores Share Interdisciplinary Day of Learning

Ma’ayanot 10th graders participated in an enriching Interdisciplinary Day on the topic of conflict and resolution. Chani Rotenberg, history department chair and co-chair of Interdisciplinary Programming, explained, “The program aimed to broaden our students’ perspectives about the nature of conflict—personal, communal,

MTA Arista Honors Society Hosts Another Successful Study Night

On Monday night, June 3, MTA’s Arista Honors Society hosted its semi-annual study night, an opportunity for talmidim to work one-on-one and in small groups with their teachers to study for finals. “Study night is great,” said freshman Gavi Benoff. “I appreciate that my teachers go out of their way and