Monday, January 20, 2020


Yavneh’s Chessed Shel Emet

Yavneh students volunteered for the Hebrew Free Burial Society and helped clean up Silver Lake Cemetery.

Crowns of Glory at RYNJ

Last week, a group of middle school students at RYNJ were awarded with a special title of “Keter Shem Tov,” the crown of a good name. Those who qualified for this special award were chosen by their rebbe and endorsed by their teachers for showing a high standard of middot and displaying proper kavod to their rebbeim, teachers

MTA Graduation 2015-5775

Ma’ayanot Celebrates the Class of 2015

The Ma’ayanot Class of 2015 celebrated with family and friends at their graduation on Sunday, June 14. Student speakers included Sarah Hiller, who delivered the valedictory address, and Devorah Saffern, who delivered the salutatorian’s dvar Torah. Other highlights of the ceremony included Tamara

JEC Eighth Grade Graduation

BPY Kindergarten Advancement

Ben Porat Yosef kindergarten students celebrated their graduation on Wednesday, June 17, 2015.  They sang songs for proud parents and guests in the audience, received diplomas, viewed a slide show of the year’s events and displayed their original artwork in an artist’s gallery. Each child received a special award for their

Moriah Wishes Mazel Tov to Its 2015 Graduating Class

TABC Bein HaZmanim Kollel

Every year Rabbi Jachter runs a Tanach Kollel at TABC during the week after the end of the school year. His program gives students, alumni and incoming freshmen an opportunity to spend an otherwise unscheduled week learning b'chavruta and in shiur. This year the kollel focused on Chagai, Zechariah and Malachi. The time

Yeshiva of Elizabeth Last Day of School Assembly

The mood was electric and celebratory as the JEC’s Yeshiva of Elizabeth students capped off their year with an assembly on their last day of school.

JKHA MS Enjoys End-of-School Ice Skating Trip

The JKHA fifth through seventh grades and their rebbeim enjoyed celebrating the last day of school with an ice skating outing, and a return to school for closing programs.

NoamCares: V’ahavta L’reiAcha Kamocha

CareOne and Yeshivat Noam joined forces to create a memorable chessed project initiated by myself and my friend Temira Koenig. NoamCares started out as an idea but then became a reality with the help of my friends, teachers and family.

Unfortunately, about two and a half years ago my

Yeshiva of Elizabeth Fifth Grade Girls Display Their Learning

The Jewish Educational Center’s Yeshiva of Elizabeth fifth grade girls class culminated the year with an elaborate Tanach Fair and play in which they depicted scenes from the Torah and Neviim that they had studied over the course of the year.