Sunday, February 23, 2020


Yeshivat Noam Middle School Siyum

Yeshivat Noam is very proud of the over 50 students that invested a portion of their time off during Sukkot to learning mishnayot and completing multiple masechtot. Most students completed the entire Mishnayot Rosh Hashanah and a smaller group even completed Seder Moed. This learning is part of the Shamati Torah L’Shmah Program

Moriah Kindergarteners Discover Wassily Kandinsky

Moriah Kindergarteners had fun studying the artist Wassily Kandinsky and his artwork. They were taught that many artists, including Kandinsky, are inspired by nature and the colors of the rainbow. Kandisky, they learned, painted many circles in his work. Using primary colors to create their own masterpieces, the students

BPY Students Learn About Nutrition

Ben Porat Yosef elementary school students learned all about healthy eating in a program, “Eating the Rainbow,” as presented by Nutrition Health Coach, Gila Guzman, a nutritionist with Main Asset Health, LLC. Students sampled a rainbow of healthy foods and learned about how healthy eating helps keep their bodies and minds

Frisch Sophomores Spend the Day Doing Chesed

This week, Frisch sophomores had their first chesed day. Dr. Tuvia Book introduced the program by speaking about an Israeli organization, Save A Child’s Heart, and the unbelievable work it does treating children from the Arab world and Sub-Saharan Africa with congenital heart diseases—at no cost. Our sophomores then

Parshat Noach Comes Alive at Kushner

Parshat Noach came to life for the JKHA students in Early Childhood and Grades 1 and 2. They were greeted by a petting zoo as a hands-on way of observing some of the animals that were on the teivah. Students were able to pet a donkey, chickens, ducks, rabbits, sheep and goats. They even examined each animal to see

Yeshivat Noam Fourth Grade Enjoys Sunrise Minyan

This past Sunday, just before the break of dawn, Yeshivat Noam fourth grade boys and girls and their parents gathered together to experience a remarkable shacharit together. Overlooking the water and surrounded by autumn foliage, nature provided the perfect Beit Knesset. Rabbi Yaakov Nadler, the rebbe for the

Assemblyman Tim Eustace Visits BPY

Ben Porat Yosef students from Early Childhood through eighth grade had a special visit with Paramus Assemblyman Tim Eustace. The Assemblyman had a tour of the school and visited classes, answering students’ questions about the role of state government. Kindergartners presented Assemblyman Eustace with a special thank you

Israel Awareness at Frisch

Frisch convened special programs this week for freshmen and sophomores to hear from Dr. Tuvia Book, Frisch’s new Director of Israel Education and Advocacy. Dr. Book spoke to students about the current situation in Israel, how the media misrepresents terrorist incidents in Israel by portraying Israel as the aggressor, and why Israel, the

JEC Holds Atidenu Workshops

For the last six months, JEC has been participating in the prestigious Atidenu Ambassador Program, sponsored by PEJE (The Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education). Through this program, which includes just 24 schools nationwide, JEC is focusing on promoting the vision, ideals and message of the school in an effort to better

JKHA Launches Middot Club

The Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy has launched a new optional enrichment club during lunch. Led by Lower School faculty member Rebecca Feldman, students will encounter Torah sources and discuss Jewish values of character development. Every month, students will focus on a different theme for learning and will come up with a project

RKYHS Biology Students Study Building Blocks of Life

Dr. Steve Stein teaches the freshman honors biology students about atomic structures and the molecular basis of chemical bonding as they begin to learn about the building blocks of life.

JKHA Gan Bet Combines Torah and Science

In order to enhance students’ learning about Columbus Day and Parshat Noach, the students in the Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy Gan Bet classes enjoyed a hands-on experiment about sinking and floating. Students were asked to make predictions about different classroom objects’ (such as a pencil, rubber band and crayon) ability to