Thursday, November 21, 2019


At MTA Students and Teachers Stay Late for Study Night

What is the equivalent to a SAT prep course for mid-term exams? At MTA, it is called Study Night. In what has become an MTA tradition, students and teachers stayed in school for three hours on the final night of classes, January 7th, in preparation for the upcoming mid-terms. About 150 students stayed to study and

YBH Wins CIJE’s Virtual Mathematics Competition

Yeshivas Beis Hillel (YBH) of Passaic 7th Graders, coached by Mrs. Rochie Sommer and Rabbi Heshy Wieder, recently competed against over a dozen yeshivas and won first place in the Virtual Mathematics Competition—part of a program requiring students to work together to solve complex problems in geometry, logic, and

Yavneh Hosts Robotics Workshop

When you think of robotics, do you picture Rosie from the Jetsons? Does the phrase “Danger, Will Robinson!” pop into your head? Do you think of a small vacuum cleaner zipping around you home? What actually is robotics?

Yavneh Academy was recently privileged to host a full

Ezra Lebowitz: RYNJ Spelling Bee Winner

This past week, RYNJ held its annual 4th and 5th grade spelling bee. The room was filled with almost 250 students clamoring to find out who would win this year. The bee was live streamed to parents on the school’s website so that any parent could watch the bee live as it occurred. In the end, Avishai Jutkowitz, 4th grader, and

RTMA Student Raises Thousands for Pediatric Cancer Patients

Miami Beach—With an impressive finish time of just over two hours, RTMA 11th grader Yehudah Weitz did the Jewish Educational Center proud when he completed the annual ING Miami Marathon.

Weitz ran with Team Lifeline, the official Chai Lifeline group that has participated for 10

Yeshivat Noam: Sari Ort, z”l, Middle School Mother-Daughter Brunch

On Sunday morning the Yeshivat Noam Middle School Gymnasium was full of mothers and daughters who joined together for the Sari Ort, z”l, Middle School Mother-Daughter Brunch.

“It’s so inspiring to watch over 160 mothers and their teenage

Lubavitch on the Palisades Preschool Bird Show

The Lubavitch on the Palisades parent association treated preschool children to a bird show in honor of Shabbat Shira.

By Lubavitch on the Palisades

Building Vocabulary

As high frequency words are the most commonly occurring words in texts, there is a strong focus on teaching them in the early grades. As children develop their decoding skills and begin to read more difficult texts, the language between the high frequency words becomes the focus.


Anshe Lubavitch’s Five Senses Fair

Ayelet Sheps of Fair Lawn, seen here watering flowers at the Anshei Lubavitch Five Senses Fair. Each sense had its own booth for children to learn about it.

The Non-Academic Child: Is It Time to Create Kosher Vo-Tech Schools?

We’ve all heard the old jokes about proud Jewish mothers bragging about “my son the doctor, my son the lawyer,” etc. We also know the widespread belief that Jews are smart and, truth be told, we do have a disproportionate percentage of Nobel Prize winners relative to our numbers. We ought to be proud of our children who go on

GOA High School Students Inspired by Community Service Day

West Orange—Approximately 150 Golda Och Academy students were placed throughout 11 different locations in surrounding towns for the 9th annual All High School Community Service Day. From bagging non-perishable food items at food banks to working with children in schools for the disabled, the students of GOA were

Charter Schools: Fabulous or Failures?

Depending on whom you ask, charter schools may be either an important solution to persistent educational inequality, or a misguided attack on public