Sunday, March 29, 2020


Senior Arista Members Enjoy Brunch

November 2, 2015 served as an opportunity for Yeshiva University High School for Boys’ (MTA) senior Arista members to reflect upon past achievements, such as the recent blood drive, and plan for the future, all while enjoying an appetizing brunch. What made this event different than any other Arista meeting was the unorthodox

TABC Seniors Doing Chesed 24/7

TABC seniors had their annual Chesed Day, during which they initiated TABC’s partnering with Chesed 24/7, an organization that provides kosher food for patients and their relatives who are staying in hospitals. During their time at Chesed 24/7, they packed “Shabbos in a Box” packages. TABC looks forward to a long and mutually

Ma'ayanot Juniors Volunteer at Community Food Bank

Ma'ayanot juniors spending a morning last week volunteering at the Community Food Bank of New Jersey which provides food for 1.1 million people in need.

Moriah Staff Join iNacol Symposium

While only a few miles from Disneyworld, play and leisure were clearly not on the agenda of Moriah staff. As leaders in the movement to further develop The Moriah School’s personalized learning program, a delegation was sent to the iNACOL Symposium in Orlando, Florida where they joined over 3000 participants from around the

RYNJ K3 Blasts Off

The RYNJ yiladim of K3 are preparing for takeoff as they learn all about our amazing solar system.

BPY Fifth Graders Visit Museum of Mathematics

BPY fifth graders had a wonderful time doing all kinds of hands-on math activities at MoMath: the National Museum of Mathematics, on Monday, November 9. They explored shapes, tessellation and many more math topics.

Frisch Pep Rally: A Rollicking Show of Support for Cougars

There’s no pep like PAW pep! Last week’s pep rally, to show support for Frisch Cougars as the sports seasons kick off in earnest, had energy and excitement in spades.

The event kicked off with a “Who’s on first?” routine tailored for Frisch, starring the faculty’s

BCHSJS Fall Overnight

BCHSJS students participated in their annual Fall Overnight this past weekend. The evening began with high-flying fun at the SkyZone in Allendale. The students then headed over to the JCC of Paramus for a Havdalah service, pizza, gym time, a pre-Hanukkah treat-making activity and movie time. They enjoyed a fun-filled time

First Grade Math Night at RYNJ

This past Wednesday evening, the lunchroom at RYNJ was abuzz; over 200 people filled the room to capacity to enjoy a night of fun and interactive math games at the annual First Grade Family Math Night. Almost 100 first grade students, along with their parents and grandparents, began the night with

Remembering Rabin in 2015

The Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School recently held a student-run 20th anniversary commemoration of the life and legacy of Yitzhak Rabin. The school’s Israel Action Committee ran a very moving ceremony. Through short videos and candle lighting, they were able to give the student body the knowledge of who Rabin was, what he accomplished and why he

TABC Freshman Night In

TABC’s Freshman Night In was a wonderful opportunity for the freshmen to continue to bond with each other and their senior mentors. The mentors showed true leadership skills, as they organized the entire evening. Everyone enjoyed a round-robin of sports together, followed by a melave malka of pizza and ice cream.

Frisch Student Delegation to Help Rebuild in New Orleans

Student delegates who participated in the junior chesed trip to New Orleans—part of a mission with NCSY—had a truly meaningful experience helping the community recover from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Students worked with Habitat for Humanity, spent Shabbat with the Jewish community and had a