Saturday, February 29, 2020


LPS Sixth Graders Skype with Sniffling Teacher

Technology enhances classroom learning. Lubavitch on the Palisades School has SmartBoards, ipads and Chromebooks and they are effectively incorporated into the curriculum on a daily basis. SmartBoard, laptops and cameras were used to skype with Mrs. Sussman, a teacher who was home with an infection. She didn’t want to miss her

TABC Parents and Sons Learn Together

Over 100 parents and talmidim participated in TABC’s recent Parent-Son Learning program, strengthening the bond of our mesorah. The parents and students prepared mekorot together and then heard a thought provoking shiur by Rav Josh Blass, a rav in Wesley Hills and a mashgiach ruchani in Yeshiva University. This type of program

TABC Students Enjoy Night of Learning

One of the ways TABC inculcates the value of the primacy of talmud Torah in its talmidim is with the Late Night Learning Program. With over 100 students in attendance, Rabbis Ezra Wiener, Sariel Malitzky and Raphi Mandelstam gave shiurim, followed by a round robin of shiurim by various rebbeim. After a mussar shmuz with Rav Michael

Israel Awareness at Frisch

Frisch convened special programs this week for freshmen and sophomores to hear from Dr. Tuvia Book, Frisch’s new Director of Israel Education and Advocacy. Dr. Book spoke to students about the current situation in Israel, how the media misrepresents terrorist incidents in Israel by portraying Israel as the aggressor, and why

RYNJ Rebbeim Build a Connection

The beginning of the year is a critical time to focus on developing and molding a strong, positive and inspirational relationship between teachers and students. With this in mind, RYNJ scheduled independent middle school class barbecues at various homes throughout the area to facilitate this important opportunity

JKHA Monthly Shabbat Assemblies Have Begun

In honor of Shabbat Mevarchim, the JKHA Early Education and Lower School gathered together to celebrate Shabbat with stories and songs. Led by musician Psachya Septimus, students sang some familiar songs and learned a new one in a wonderful communal celebration. The divisions will be joining together once a month to continue this

JKHA Sukkah Party Offers Fun For All

Despite the weather, hundreds of parents, grandparents and students joined faculty and administrators at the annual JKHA Sukkah Party. All were treated to delicious snacks in the Sukkah and students had fun creating arts and crafts projects. As always, a highlight of the party was the face painting. New this year was DJ

Frisch Welcomes Parents at Simulated School Night

Frisch held a Simulated School Night last week for parents, who got a taste of the Frisch experience their children enjoy each day.

BPY Discovery Learning Day

Ben Porat Yosef (BPY) students of grades one through five enjoyed and learned during a Discovery Learning Day, BPY’s unique STEEM (science, technology, engineering, English language arts, and math) program that was held on October 1. The program taught the elementary school students all about estimating, measuring and

Bereishit at Gan Rina

Children at Gan Rina Nursery are learning all about Bereishit and the days of the week.

Students at Iris Berman Early Childhood Center Learn About the Torah

Tal Wasserman gets an up-close look at the Torah scrolls at the Synagogue of the Suburban Torah in advance of the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah. Tal and his friends at the Iris Berman Early Childhood Center in Livingston learned how a Torah is made, why it is so special and why Jews all around dance with the Torah on this special

RKYHS Unveils Chromebook Lab

RKYHS freshmen are learning to use technology and cooperative learning to create project proposals. Using the school’s new Chromebook lab, students can collaborate with each other and use a variety of technologies to produce real-world work. This allows them to think out of the box and expand their skill sets.