Monday, September 23, 2019


Yavneh Academy Sixth Graders Are Off to a Great Start

The first day of sixth grade at Yavneh Academy was full of information and fun. In the morning, the students started with tefillah in different groups and were then introduced to their schedules, learned about the ins and outs of the Yavneh middle school day and had a chance to ask questions. In the afternoon, the

Moriah Kindergarten Learns ‘All About Me!’

The Moriah kindergarten children are so excited to begin the new school year and are eager to learn more about their new classmates. They launched a unit entitled “All About Me!” where they developed the idea that some of their attributes are the same, and some are different. The students noted that they all

MTA Faculty Members Participate in Civic Spirit Summer Institute

Over the summer, MTA history instructor Mr. Sragow and English instructor Mrs. Siegfried joined educators from 14 Jewish and Catholic middle and high schools from New York, New Jersey and Los Angeles at the Civic Spirit Summer Institute, an intensive civic education training conference. MTA is proud to be part of the

KC Kids Go Back to School

KC Kids enjoyed their first week of aftercare! The yeladim enjoyed building with Lego, doing their homework and exploring Magna-Tiles! Looking forward to a great year!

BPY Enjoys Outdoor Fun

The BPY children in pre-k are enjoying the sunshine with smiles and laughter! Outdoor play boosts a child’s creativity, healthy physical development, social skills and attention span.

BPY Welcomes Class of 2020/5780

BPY’s eighth grade is back and feeling great about this academic year. From first day of school excitement to Gemara learning and beyond, BPY is inspiring, challenging and engaging each learner!

RKYHS Begins New School Year

The 2019-20 school year is off to a great start at the Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School. The energy was palpable as the students and faculty reconnected with one another after the summer break. For the opening of school, students participated in a spirited school-wide opening assembly where they watched a

RYNJ Students Dive Right Into the New Year

MTA Has Mishmar Kick-Off

MTA kicked off its first mishmar of the year with cholent for the entire yeshiva, as well as special shiurim for each grade, followed by mishmar. Talmidim and rebbeim were excited to begin another amazing year of learning together!


Yeshivat Noam Students Use Their Senses

What do you see, feel and sense is inside the bag? In Miriam Shteingart’s science class in Yeshivat Noam, the sixth grade boys are learning to use descriptive language to explain their observations.

JKHA Is Off to a Great Start

The hallways and classrooms throughout JKHA were energized with learning and excitement as students returned to school. Students in the JKHA early childhood and first grade had a chance to come for a “meet and greet” the day before school started. They had the opportunity to be warmly greeted by their

JEC High School Kicks Off New Sunday Learning Program

Students at the JEC High School were excited to see yet another option for continued growth this past Sunday. Spearheaded by newly hired (JEC alum) Rabbi Avi Rosenbaum, the young men joined together to make sure their week got off to a great start. After minyan and breakfast, Rabbi Rosenbaum delivered a dynamic shiur