Thursday, January 23, 2020


CIJE Holds Robotics Competitions

(Courtesy of CIJE) Educational experiences are most pronounced in the context of the real world. The same holds true for robotics, ingenuity and complexity comes when competing against other robots within a defined framework. In the past, Jewish day schools have been limited in their ability to take part in national

Ma’ayanot Students Celebrate December 30

Juniors in Mrs. Rotenberg’s AP U.S. history class not only learned, but also made history this week. While still undocumented in any American history textbook, the class made the groundbreaking discovery that December 30 is a date of many people’s birthdays, including those of two people in their class of only

Moriah Reads

The annual Moriah Reads program culminated with middle school students and staff participating in a series of special activities and events. Chanukah, a time to treasure the light each of us has in our beings, was the perfect time of year to present and study this unit. This interdisciplinary unit was designed as

BPY’s Gan Ilanot Celebrates Their Writing

After exploring how many of the books the students love to read have patterns in their wording, Gan Ilanot began to explore the concept that writers can use patterns to write books. The children planned, drafted and revised their very own pattern books. In celebration of this wonderful accomplishment, the students read

TABC Engineering Club Makes Progress on Innovative Projects

Students in TABC’s Engineering Club members are hard at work on their projects for this year. One group is working on a claw machine, with some students working on building the frame of the machine while other students work on programming the motors to move in response to a joystick. The second group is working on building remote

Yeshivat Frisch Joins Friendship Circle for Zot Chanukah Chagiga

Yeshivat Frisch celebrated Zot Chanukah, the eighth and final day of the festival, with its fantastic annual chagiga: Frisch on Fire! The chagiga featured music, dancing, games and a silent auction. The Frisch students were joined by participants from Friendship Circle Winter Camp, which provides a safe and fun

JEC Early Childhood Celebrates Grandparents Day

Grandparents and Special Guest Day 2019 was an exciting, warm and special day for JEC grandparents and guests to come see what the JEC is all about! From the delicious food, to the interactive classroom activities to the Chanukah sing-a-long, the positive energy was palpable. JEC is so grateful to grandparents and

RPRY Welcomes Alumna Avital Chizhik-Goldschmidt

RPRY had the honor to welcome back alumna Avital Chizhik-Goldschmidt! Chizhik-Goldschmidt spoke to the middle school girls about using their passions and the talents Hashem gives them to help their community. She shared her personal experiences of attending RPRY, becoming a journalist and serving as her community’s

RKYHS Students Come ‘Home’ on Winter Break

Young alumni who are currently in college came together at RKYHS for a reunion while they are home on their winter breaks. The many attendees were excited to reminisce with fellow classmates, see current students, catch up with their former teachers and hear words from administration and faculty. A number of RKYHS alumni

RYNJ Combines Friends and Chanukah Fun

One of the many Chanukah activities that RYNJ students enjoyed this past week was the DoMENORAH Effect. Students in each grade worked in groups to further strengthen their team-building skills and communication by carefully constructing Chanukah-themed designs. The gym was filled with excitement as the groups

Cheder Yaldei Menachem Students Learn Parsha

At Cheder Yaldei Menachem, the children were excited and engaged learning about the parsha. This week the children learned about how Serach played the harp for Yaakov Avinu to tell him that Yosef was still alive. The children created their own harps, and really enjoyed playing them while singing the parsha songs.

Bruriah Reflects on Chanukah

The students at Bruriah High School celebrated Chanukah with school-wide activities, offering something special for each day of the week. On Monday, there was a student yom iyun designed to spiritually elevate each and every girl. With the theme “Heaven on Earth,” the students started off the week in a deep,