Friday, November 22, 2019


Understanding Differences @ BPY

On Monday, November 10, as part of a year-long unit of study, “Understanding Differences,” Ben Porat Yosef fourth grade hosted Mrs. Rose Pizzo, who spoke with them, through signing, about her experience as a deaf person. Morah Leah Margolin interpreted for the students. Mrs. Pizzo talked about growing up deaf, being a student

Fifth Grade Yeshivat Noam Scientists Exploring the Physics of Light

Elementary School Science Specialist

In fifth grade Yeshivat Noam students have been delving into the physics of light. Our students have been examining the properties of light and the direction in which it travels. Here they are analyzing the reflection of

Yeshivat Noam Teachers Go To School

While the students at Yeshivat Noam recently enjoyed a day off from school on Election Day, the teachers were fully engaged in a day-long professional development program intended to further enhance their educational skills and enable them to explore cutting-edge teaching methodologies.

Experiential Education at its Best

As part of the Frisch School Engineering curriculum, guest lecturers are invited to speak with the engineering students about the latest advances in all areas of engineering and bio-medical technology. The 2014-15 Engineering Lecture Series at Frisch is off to a very exciting and powerful start. “We have received an incredible response

Community Calendar November-February

Thursday, November 20

Jewish Learning Experience’s Level II Hebrew Reading Course 8:30PM

Congregation Beth Aaron 950 Queen Anne Rd Teaneck

For further information contact [email protected] or www.jle.org

Congrgation Beth Aaron 950 Queen Anne Rd Teaneck

Dr Richard

Teaneck High School Commemorates Kristallnacht

Teaneck–An inspiring and moving multimedia event observing Kristallnacht, the ‘Night of Broken Glass,’ was held Tuesday at Teaneck High School, with close to 300  students witnessing the testimony of two Holocaust survivors and their unique stories. The presentations by Ruth Goldman Tobias and Lisl Malkin were augmented with

Noam 6th Graders at Daughters of Miriam

Splashes of neon color and the sounds of music and conversation filled the day room at the Miriam Apartments at Daughters of Miriam Center, a long-term care senior nursing and rehabilitation facility in Clifton, NJ.  The sixth grade classes of Yeshivat Noam, had come to join the senior residents for a morning of programming,

Friendship Circle Event at Moriah

On Friday, the 8th grade of Moriah hosted a Friendship Circle event. After students were matched up with their buddies, they davened and played some fun table games. Then, in preparation for Shabbat, they braided dough to make challah. Some came out picture-perfect and all were finished with love and joy. Next,

Service Animals at Yeshivat He’Atid

Gan Kofim learned about the importance of service animals and had a special guest, JC. Morah Leora explained all about her dog, who wowed the class as everyone learned the various roles of service dogs.

Safety First at RYNJ

RYNJ Talmidim remind everyone to employ safety procedures. The boys learned that it is a mitzvah to be proactively safe.

Parshat Noach at Chabad

Last week, Teaneck Chabad’s Preschool Nursery Class reenacted the flood during the times of Noah.

Noam Goes Green

Middle School Science Teacher

Students at Yeshivat Noam are getting firsthand experience with alternative energy as the school goes green. The Amberjack Solar Energy Company of Oakland, NJ, is currently installing 1,512 solar panels on the roofs of the two school