Sunday, March 29, 2020


Yavneh Student Wins Kaplun Essay Contest

Communicating our ideas with one another, making our voices heard, sharing and learning from one another, making a difference in the world…these are but a few goals educators hold dear in raising our future generations. We benefit from the assistance of many outside organizations. One in particular is The Morris J. and Betty

MTA’s Last “Meet the Israeli Author” Class

Last Tuesday, the “Meet the Israeli Author” class at MTA had its final meeting with its author and mentor Chana Bat Shahar. This one-of-a-kind Hebrew Language elective gives students the opportunity to participate in monthly virtual workshops with the renowned, award-winning author, during which the students get to know her,

Yeshivat Noam Awards Sara Halberstadt the Marcia Hirt Teacher Initiative Award

Yeshivat Noam wished mazel tov to its own Morah Sara Halberstadt upon her receiving the Marcia Hirt Teacher Initiative Award. This award was generously named by Pamela and Ari Hirt in loving memory of Ari’s mother Marcia Hirt, a”h (Maryasha Mindel bat Moshe Halevi), grandmother of YN alumni Michael and Jordana. A

TABC’s Olam HaChochma Program Broadens Its Students’ Intellectual Horizons

What are the elements of creative writing? TABC freshman Yaakov Wieder spent the past year investigating this question, while he also wrote two short stories and a television script. Guiding him in his exploration was Mrs. Nancy Edelman, who served as one of the mentors of TABC’s Olam HaChochma Scholars program, an

Volunteers Honored at Annual TABC Scholarship Breakfast

Nearly 200 guests—friends, family, parents, alumni, alumni parents and faculty—came together for the TABC Annual Scholarship Breakfast on Sunday, June 7. Honorees Leora Fineberg and Jeff Levine were recognized for their years of outstanding and dedicated volunteer service to TABC. TABC also inaugurated the Bruce

Ma’ayanot Freshman Takes Third Place in YU Torah Competition

Rising sophomore Batsheva Leah Weinstein took third place in the girls division of Yeshiva University’s prestigious Bronka Weintraub High School Bekiut Program. This voluntary learning program challenges high school students to learn an entire masechta of Gemara with Rashi, and take exams throughout the school year. Batsheva Leah

Anshei Lubavitch of Fair Lawn Day Care Center/ Preschool Students Mother their Baby Chicks

NY Blood Center Invites MTA to Mets and Yankees Games

This year, MTA’s Arista Honors Society embarked upon multiple blood drives to support the New York Blood Center. The students and staff went above and beyond the minimum donation requirements, and, as a thank-you, the Blood Center invited MTA students to both a Mets game on Monday, June 15 and a Yankees game on Wednesday, June 17.

Yeshivat Noam 2011 Almuni Are Welcomed Back

At the closing ceremony last week, on the last day of school, Yeshivat Noam welcomed home alumni from the Class of 2011. A special luncheon for the alumni was held so that they could visit Yeshivat Noam and reconnect with their morot, rabbis and friends. Alumni that coached Noam sports teams were singled out,

Yavneh’s Chessed Shel Emet

Yavneh students volunteered for the Hebrew Free Burial Society and helped clean up Silver Lake Cemetery.

Crowns of Glory at RYNJ

Last week, a group of middle school students at RYNJ were awarded with a special title of “Keter Shem Tov,” the crown of a good name. Those who qualified for this special award were chosen by their rebbe and endorsed by their teachers for showing a high standard of middot and displaying proper kavod to their rebbeim, teachers

MTA Graduation 2015-5775