Tuesday, October 22, 2019


BPY 8th Graders Dissecting

Ben Porat Yosef eighth graders get some ‘hands-on’ learning, in conjunction with their studies of the human body and the circulatory system.  Shown here are Elianna Benhamu (left) and Odelia Fried dissecting a sheep heart.

YU Launches SLP Degree Program

New YorkYeshiva University has announced a new Master of Science (MS) degree program in Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) beginning in the Fall 2014 semester. The program will prepare students to become speech-language pathologists working in hospitals, rehabilitative centers, university or college clinics, specialized clinical settings or private

Israeli and Bergen Educators Share Hot Button Issues

The delegation of school principals visiting from Nahariya earlier this month listened intently as Englewood Assemblywoman Valerie Huttle described legislation she sponsored to combat bullying in schools. “We have the same problems,” said an excited Ilan Vaknin, Principal of Sch’chakim High School and Chair of the Nahariya Education Task Force. “This

Yeshivat Noam: Health Week

Veggie Faces, Zumba classes, Bracha Bee, Soup Making, Dips Tasting, Vegetable Gaming... Welcome to Health Week. Under the leadership of parent volunteers, Rena Zelig, MS,RDN who is a nutritionist and Ariela Herman, who is a Professor of Physical Education at Queens College, Yeshivat Noam  hosted a week full of programs and workshops about healthy eating. As

YU Receives $100K Grant to Teach Begin’s Legacy

New York—Yeshiva University (www.yu.edu) recently announced that its Zahava and Moshael Straus Center for Torah and Western Thought received a $100,000 grant from the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem to sponsor a series of programs on Zionism and the Begin Legacy in honor of the

MTA Celebrates 25 Years of Great Debates

New YorkWhen Harriet Levitt began teaching English at Yeshiva University High School for Boys (YUHSB)/The Marsha Stern Talmudical Academy in 1982, she saw a tremendous opportunity to enrich her students’ education through a competitive sport that had long been her passion: debate. Having loved her own

Yavneh Gets Middle State Accreditation

Paramus—Yavneh Academy
was granted accreditation by the prestigious Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools at its recent meeting in Philadelphia. In its summary report, Middle States noted that Yavneh met or exceeded each of Middle States’ 12 standards.

The entire Yavneh community, the faculty, staff and administration as well as

Bringing in the Clowns

The Gemorah in Taanis (22a) tells the story of an encounter between Rabbi Berokah and Eliyahu Hanavi. While walking in the marketplace, Rabbi Berokah asked Eliyahu Hanavi if anyone in this marketplace deserves entry into Olam Haba. Eliyahu Hanavi pointed out two men who were worthy. Intrigued, Rabbi Berokah approached the men to find out what their

Der Pintele Yid

Ezra Weinberge is a June 2013 graduate of The Frisch School who is learning at Yeshivat Lev HaTorah this year. Ezra made this speech to his fellow students as they were about to enter Auschwitz Concentration Camp on their Heritage trip to Poland:

On the first Shabbat of yeshiva, I was introduced to the idea that within every neshama (soul) resides one

Finding Success in Arrowsmith Program at JEC

Elizabeth—By the time children with learning disabilities come to The Arrowsmith program at the Jewish Educational Center (JEC) in Elizabeth, they have already travelled a bumpy road trying to find the right school. “We have kids who were not succeeding at anything, no interventions were working,” said Rabbi Eliyahu Teitz, Associate Dean of JEC, which

RYNJ & Machon Hamikdash

RYNJ students had the opportunity to see a 1:50 scale of the mikdash created by Machon

Hamikdash. RYNJ Students participated in a 30 minute interactive program, and hands-on building of the model Beit HaMikdash. Seeing really is believing!

Ben Porat - Hour Of Code

Last week, all of the Ben Porat Yosef students in first through eighth grade participated in a nationwide program called “Hour of Code” as part of Computer Science Education Week. The second through eighth graders practiced coding by playing various games and challenges on computers and iPads.  The first graders practiced their beginning coding skills