Monday, February 24, 2020


Moriah ‘Shir Chadash’ Students Shine at Carnegie Hall

The 4th and 5th grade members of Shir Chadash Choir, led by Morah Sharon Kinstlinger, joined with 250 students from area schools to perform two Yiddish songs with for the finale of the National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene 100th Season Gala at Carnegie Hall. The students experienced the thrill of on-stage

RYNJ Girls’ Torah Bowl Heads to Finals

The RYNJ Torah Bowl girls’ team clinched its division and will be competing in the finals with the other division winners. The students studied and competed throughout the year, mastering the entire Sefer Shmot, every Pasuk and every Rashi.


MTAPAC Heads to Washington

March 26th was a meaningful and productive day for the MTA students who participated in the school’s annual lobbying mission to Washington D.C. The ‘Hatzioni’ members who partook in the event had prepared for weeks in advance researching bills, familiarizing themselves with specific members of congress and seeking to

Ben Porat Yosef Early Childhood Students Enjoy Matzah Baking

Ben Porat Yosef early childhood students visited the Living Legacy Matzah Factory on March 26th. Rabbi Goldin brought his equipment to school and the children learned to grind the flower, mix it up very quickly, shape and then bake the matzot, all as a pre-Pesach learning experience.

The Binah School Unites Students Through a Multi-Media Torah-Study Curriculum

For many parents in the Jewish community, conversations surrounding the dynamics of a dual curriculum are all too familiar. Many feel that it is “taxing” or “demanding” on their children, and, by definition, the entire family. But The Binah School, a unique educational model in Massachusetts, has added a third

Yeshivat Noam Brachot Bee Finalists

The 3rd through 5th Grade students of Yeshivat Noam greatly extended themselves to prepare, participate and perform in this year’s Brachot Bee. The first round of competition was conducted within each class. The 12 class winners became finalists and were challenged in front of all three grades.

For Yeshivat Noam’s Fourth Grade, Electricity and Energy Are Hot Topics

Fourth Grade Yeshivat Noam scientists are studying electricity and energy. Students designed, constructed and wired their own electrical circuit cards using LED bulbs, batteries and conductive paint. Next, they continued to learn about greener forms of energy sources and how to better protect our planet. In one of

Spring Has Sprung in PK3 at RYNJ

The children enjoyed creating beautiful butterflies in honor of Spring.

Teaneck Chabad Preschool Preps for Pesach

MTA Sophomores Visit BAM

The MTA 10th grade made their way to the Harvey Theater at Brooklyn Academy of Music to see “The Tallest Tree in the Forest,” a one-man show performed by Daniel Beaty. The subject of the performance was 20th Century African-American activist Paul Robeson.

Robeson was a star player

MTA Freshmen Enjoy YU Play

The freshman of MTA were in the audience of a preview performance of Yeshiva College Drama Society’s spring production, ‘The Boys Next Door.’ The performance portrayed the lives of four men with developmental disabilities living in a group home. The students were briefed before the show that the purpose was not to demean or mock the characters, rather,

Frisch Students Advocate for Israel

During these tense times when decisions are being made that will impact the future of Israel and the US, the Frisch student body has been active in effecting change in two important ways. First, on March 26th, the Frisch School’s Class of 2015 traveled to Washington, D.C. to advocate for a robust U.S.-Israel