Sunday, April 05, 2020


TABC Grads Receive Diplomas and Accolades

Hundreds of guests—family, friends, fellow classmates, alumni and faculty—filled the Keter Torah sanctuary last Thursday night to participate in TABC’s Commencement 2015. The beautiful program included a dvar Torah from Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Yosef Adler, presentation of awards, the Valedictorian address by Mathew Wexler and

Bruriah Graduates the Class of 2015 to a Capacity Crowd

The JEC’s Bruriah High School is proud to have graduated a class of women whose academic excellence has been nationally recognized.

Four graduates were named National Merit Scholars, one was awarded an Aliza Flatow Scholarship, one was named an alternate of the Flatow Scholarship and

MTA Junior Sruly Brach Receives Award from American Chemical Society

MTA junior Sruli Brach (‘17) received the Outstanding Achievement Award in Chemistry from the American Chemical Society. This award is presented to one outstanding student in each school for his or her achievements in chemistry. Sruli proved himself both greatly motivated and very skilled in chemistry, and achieved some of the

Yavneh Fifth-Graders Participate in Spelling Bee

Qualifying for Yavneh’s fifth grade spelling bee of 2015 were Ilan Wimpfheimer, Lilah Spectre-Covitz, Leon Mossaiov, Miriam Kahan, Allie Beckerman, Adina Suldan, Jack Greenfield, Yaakov Suldan, Abby Rosenfeld and Arielle Levy. The Spelling Bee took place at Carvel/Cinnabon in Hackensack near The Shops at Riverside. In first place

MTA LEAD Comes to a Close With Incredible Student Business Pitches

After months of preparation, the finalists of the MTA LEAD (Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Advisement, Development) program presented their projects to the program’s executive council—which consists of senior faculty and administrators of the Sy Syms School of Business (SSSB) and other business leaders—this past Monday night.

MTA Freshmen Ride the Rapids

The MTA freshman class went on the annual end-of-the-year freshman rafting trip, along with Rabbi Green, Mr. Gillers and the grade rebbeim. The purpose of this trip, aside from celebrating the end of their first year at MTA, was to create unity within the grade and help everyone learn to depend on one another—as much teamwork was

Noam First-Graders: Poetic Publishers

First graders at Yeshivat Noam celebrated their writing in the presence of family, teachers and administration at this year’s annual First Grade Publishing Party. Students wrote and illustrated their own poetry books, filled with poems about shapes and colors, as well as acrostic and five-senses poems. Their inspired

“Make to Learn”- RYNJ Shmittah Style

This year, in culmination of RYNJ’s year-long focus on shmittah in all elementary school general studies classes, the third grade made their own miniature lawnmowers. This project corresponded to the third grade science unit on force and motion. Students learned about the different aspects of farming and how the Israeli

Animals Overtake K-2 at RYNJ

The yeladim of RYNJ K-2 have been spending the last month learning all about animals and their habitats. The children made their own paper mâché animals with habitat dioramas. They created lions, scarlet ibis, mouse lemurs, caracul's, rabbits, beavers, zebras and more. The children used inventive spelling to write their

BPY Holds Seventh Annual Walkathon

Ben Porat Yosef held its seventh annual Scholarship Walkathon on Sunday, June 14, at the Wynton White Stadium in Englewood. This year’s event celebrated the heroes of the IDF who defend the Jewish people and offer assistance to those in need around the world; the soldiers have become true role models,

MTA Celebrates Scientific Engineering With End-of-Year Symposium

This past Monday marked the end of a very successful year of Scientific Engineering, MTA’s cutting edge engineering elective, led by the science department chair, Mrs. HLZacks. Over the past few months, the engineering class had, in groups of three to four students, been building devices of their own design—ranging from 3D

MTA “Music Vs.” Club Brings Joy to Resident of Washington Heights

Last Monday, during their lunch, MTA’s “Music Vs.” club—a multi-school program that uses the arts as a way to connect students with elderly and veteran groups—ran a special event in Washington Heights. Six students, Dov Tuchman, Hillel Krief, Ari Englander, Yisrael Danesh, Zvi Goldstein and Jason Blatt (the MTA