Thursday, May 23, 2019


Bruriah Middle School Gets Insider’s Perspective on Israel

As we continue to daven for the safety of our soldiers and those who live in Israel, the Middle School students at Bruriah had the opportunity to hear an insider’s perspective. Mrs. Greenwald, assistant principal, invited her parents, Rabbi and Mrs. Moshe Benisti, to “visit” her classes via Skype. They talked about what

BCHSJS Students Participate in Pre-Pesach Seminars

On the Sunday before Pesach, each BCHSJS student attended shortened classes which allowed them to attend two pre-Pesach seminars. After second period, each teacher stayed with their class for the first seminar. Then teachers changed rooms to deliver the second seminar. Thus students had two thoughts to share at their

Moriah Nursery Students Learn About Claude Monet

The Moriah School nursery students artistic horizons have grown with the introduction of their newest artist, Claude Monet. They learned about his pointillism techniques and got to see photos of his many paintings. The children practiced painting dots, dabs and short brushstrokes. They used their knowledge to paint a water lily

The Idea School Exhibits Value Seder Plates

Thinking about what values the Torah transmits through the remembrance of the Exodus, The Idea School students created Value Seder Plates where they imagined objects on the Seder plate that represented the Jewish values most important to them. The class’ Value Seder Plates were displayed at the Waltuch Gallery

TABC Offers Navi Spotlight

A hallmark of TABC has always been a balanced emphasis on Gemara and Tanach ever since Rabbi Adler joined TABC 26 years ago. A specific opportunity for juniors and seniors is an in-depth study of Navi. Alternating years focus on Sefer Yonah/Five Megillot and Sefer Melachim.

Rebbeim focus on

Bruriah Brings Holocaust Museum to Pittsburgh Community

Six months may have passed since the tragedy that took place in Pittsburgh on October 27, of last year, but students at Bruriah High School continue to remain tightly connected with the strong and resilient community. Last winter, when brainstorming how Bruriah could show its support during this difficult

RKYHS Students Bridge Generations for End of Year Banquet

RKYHS students joined residents of the Lester Senior Housing for an end of the year banquet. Throughout the school year, the high school students visited the residents monthly as part of the Dovid Ben Yitzchak z”l Jewish Elderly Program. The banquet included a delicious catered lunch, music and dancing. Students

IBECC Students Love Springtime and Israel

The students at The Iris Berman Early Childhood Center were so excited to see their friends after the Pesach break. They enjoyed spending time outdoors together enjoying the wonderful weather. They have begun their explorations about their favorite country, Israel. They are looking forward to many wonderful days

RYNJ Welcomes Author Douglas Florian

RYNJ second grade got to hear from author, poet and illustrator, Douglas Florian. The presentation, sponsored by the library and the PTA was a great wrap up for the poetry unit the children have been working on for the past few weeks. Florian shared details of the process he goes through when writing his books, the

MTA Families Enjoy Chol Hamoed Trip to NYCFC Game

On Wednesday, April 24, MTA talmidim, rebbeim, alumni and families enjoyed a Chol Hamoed Pesach trip to watch the New York City Football Club take on the Chicago Fire. The trip was organized by MTA’s Sports Management Club, which provides the unique opportunity for talmidim to learn about careers in sports

Anshei Lubavitch Preschool Teachers Put on Pesach Play

Anshei Lubavitch Preschoolers enjoyed a special interactive performance of the Pesach story by the morot of Anshei Lubavitch. The children had a blast watching the story of Yetziat Mitzrayim come to life.

BPY Kollel Commits to After-School Learning

Middle school students enjoyed a kollel night of Pesach learning with a special shiur taught by Rabbi Poupko. The students delved into chavruta learning and were treated to a Hummus Elite dinner. Kol hakavod to the after school learners and to Rav Yishai Klein and Morah Yiskah Klein for planning.