Monday, September 23, 2019


RKYHS Students Hear From Expert on Resilience and Goals

RKYHS welcomed its first SEED (Student Enrichment, Education and Development) speaker of the year, three time author and coach, Cornell Thomas. Each week, students at RKYHS attend the SEED program to hear new perspectives on a wide range of topics from accomplished and broad-thinking professionals and volunteers. A global speaker,

JEC Welcomes the Start of a Great Year

What a beautiful sight! Smiling children streamed under the bright yellow and blue balloon arch to celebrate the beginning of the new school year. With music playing and upbeat welcoming teachers, the students were ready to embark on their new adventure. Over the last three years, JEC has welcomed over 70 new

JEC Early Childhood Enjoys Chalav U’Dvash

Twice each week, Early Childhood students leave their classrooms and enter Eretz Yisrael! Morah Batsheva Kent, the fantastic Ivrit teacher at JEC, transports her students to Israel in each lesson. Morah Batsheva’s approach uses the “Chalav U’dvash” program to teach children Hebrew in a fun and hands on

JEC Middle School Welcomes Students With First-Day Breakfast

The JEC Middle School kicked off the first day of school with an orientation breakfast. After davening, students headed to the multi-purpose room to enjoy breakfast with friends and rebbeim, while welcoming new students along with the incoming sixth graders. Rabbi Pomper went over middle school policies, while

JEC High School Alum Returns To Engage and Inspire

Rabbi Avi Rosenbaum fondly remembers being a student at JEC. Having himself been inspired by his rebbeim, he is only too happy to return to pay it forward.

With semicha from Ner Yisrael, and a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins, Rabbi Rosenbaum is excited to jump right in. Rabbi Rosenbaum is

RKYHS Class of 2023 Gets Acclimated

The freshman class at RKYHS spent time getting acclimated to their new home. Orientation programs throughout their first week included a breakfast with upper grade peer leaders, ice breakers and team-building projects. They got to know the guidance department and met with Head of School Rabbi Rubin, staff and

Rabbi Etan Epstein Delivers Shiur to JEC High School Family

This past week, the JEC family was privileged to learn together with Rabbi Etan Epstein, top shiur rebbe in the high school. Alumni and parents were ‘blown away’ not only by the content of the hour and 15 minute long shiur, but by the engaging nature of the learning. Many of those in attendance stayed far after the shiur had

RPRY Begins 75th School Year

This year marks RPRY’s 75th anniversary! Seventy-five years ago, Rabbi Pesach Raymon Yeshiva (or as it was then called, Moriah) was an innovative and visionary enterprise. RPRY continues to honor this legacy by utilizing best practices to be at the vanguard of quality yeshiva education. For example, this year

Welcome Back Westchester Day School!

Welcome Back! First Day of School: Yeshivat He’Atid

Welcome Back! First Day of School: Ben Porat Yosef

Welcome Back! First Day of School: Yavneh Academy