Tuesday, July 16, 2019


JKHA Seventh Grade Boys Have Extra Bar Mitzvah Programming

To help seventh grade make students appreciate the bar mitzvah time period that they are currently experiencing and to encourage students to consider how they can assume the responsibilities associated with becoming a bar mitzvah, seventh grade students had an enriching week of bar mitzvah

Celebrating Bat Mitzvahs and Female Role Models at RPRY

Throughout the year, RPRY’s sixth grade learned about various nashim tzidkaniyot in honor of the girls becoming bnot mitzvah. They learned about women such as the imahot, Chana Haneviah, Rut Hamoaviah, Sarah Schenirer, Rebbetzin Batsheva Kanievsky, amongst others.

This week

JEC Lower School Enjoys Amazing Math Assembly

JEC Lower School’s annual math assembly was once again a huge hit! Fourth and fifth graders enjoyed working in groups to figure out a series of themed puzzles and solve a mystery. The children learned about divisibility, binary numbers, cryptarithms and more as they progressed through the challenge. The energy in the room and fun atmosphere

JEC Primer Celebrates Chagigat HaSiddur

JEC Lower School primer students are well on their way to first grade! After three years of Judaic and general early childhood education, they received their first siddurim during a gala Chagigat HaSiddur celebration held Wednesday evening. The children happily sang about midot, Torah and tefillah in a performance

Harry Potter Theme Day Kicks Off Summer Reading at JKHA

JKHA kicked off summer reading with a Harry Potter Day theme. At morning assembly, teachers representing their classes, put on the sorting hat and got sorted into their houses by “Professor Dumbledore” (who had a close resemblance to Head of School Rabbi Rubin). After school, JKHA hosted the Summer Reading

MTA AP Physics Classes Celebrate Siyum With Their Instructor

On Tuesday, May 14, talmidim in MTA’s AP physics classes had the special opportunity to join their instructor, Dr. Berliner, as he made a siyum on Masechet Megillah. MTA is grateful to Dr. Berliner for sharing this experience with his classes and for showing talmidim the importance of prioritizing Torah in their daily

Bruriah Middle School Visits City of Brotherly Love

Bruriah’s sixth and seventh graders visited the City of Brotherly Love for a end-of-year trip. The Eastern State Penitentiary, a former American prison, was the students’ first stop. Ariella Lev, a sixth grader shared this observation, “The cells are very small. I can barely sit in class for a day; how did

Kushner Cup Competition at RKYHS Instills Teamwork and Camaraderie

There was a palpable excitement and energy that filled the hallways of RKYHS as the students participated in the Kushner Cup. Competing in two teams, students were involved in a variety of skills, challenges and competitions as they vie to be crowned the victor of Kushner Cup. Throughout the day and a half, the

Moriah Marches for Israel

MTA Celebrates Incredible Milestones at Seduat Preidah and Siyum

More than 500 talmidim, rebbeim, parents, grandparents, YU roshei yeshiva and friends joined MTA on Tuesday, June 4, for its yeshiva-wide Seudat Preidah and Siyum, celebrating the Torah learning accomplishments of all talmidim and the culmination of its annual scholarship campaign.

Ma’ayanot Annual Heartbeats Performance Raises Over $16,000 for Save a Child’s Heart

Ma’ayanot’s annual Heartbeats performance, a student-operated fundraising event and celebration of performance art, took place at Yeshivat Ben Porat Yosef on May 30. A total of 130 students participated, showcasing their talents in 18 musical and dance performances. This year, after a school-wide selection

Yeshivat Noam Hosts Grandparents and Special Visitors Day

Yeshivat Noam opened its doors for over 400 grandparents and special visitors this week. The event opened with inspiring speakers including Ayelet Cantor and Eitan Green from the Class of 2019 and Yeshivat Noam grandparent and supporter, Stephen Flatow. The guests enjoyed traveling to classrooms, creating art