Wednesday, April 01, 2020


The Idea School Hosts Second Exhibition of Learning

The Idea School welcomed a record crowd for its second Exhibition of Student Learning on Wednesday February 26, at the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades. Proud parents along with prospective students and many community guests and educators marveled at the beautiful and intricate displays of deep and meaningful learning

TABC Wins Fifth Model Beis Din Competition

For the fifth time in seven years, TABC has come in first at the Landers College Model Beis Din competition. This year TABC tied with Mesivta of Philadelphia. Ten TABC talmidim participated in the intense competition held this past Sunday at Lander’s College in Queens. There was an excellent mix of experienced seniors

Ma’ayanot Student Wins Jerusalem Science Contest

Sonia Weiner, Ma’ayanot junior, is the winner of this year’s Walder Science Center Jerusalem Science Contest, in which students mastered concepts in neuroscience and Judaism, and did independent research. Weiner, who won a full scholarship to the Jerusalem College of Technology, researched the effects of alcohol and marijuana

Moriah Celebrates Rosh Chodesh Adar

The Moriah School kindergartners enjoyed welcoming the exciting month of Adar at their Rosh Chodesh party. The children had the opportunity to pack and decorate mishloach manot. They reviewed that in order to complete the mitzvah properly one must give this special package to another person. The children eagerly

Chabad of Tenafly Marches In Royalty Parade

Students at Lubavitch on the Palisades Preschool celebrated Rosh Chodesh Adar Bet with a school wide royalty parade. Children came to school dressed as royalty wearing crowns, tiaras, capes, princess costumes and jewelry. Children also made their own scepters and crowns for the parade as a class 

Second Grade Talmidim at RYNJ Prepare for Yom HakiPurim

Adar Is in the Air at KC Kids Aftercare Program At Yeshivat He’Atid

In honor of Rosh Chodesh Adar, KC Kids kicked off the week with trivia questions pertaining to the month of Adar! KC Kids are trivia experts and love weekly Trivia Tuesdays! Children also enjoyed making intricate Purim character puppets and then putting on a show to retell the Purim story. The show was filled with song and

Cheder Yaldei Menachem Welcomes The Simcha of Adar

With the month of Adar finally here, Cheder Yaldei Menachem is in full simcha mode. The children are learning the Purim story, the Purim mitzvos and having a very fun time! In honor of Rosh Chodesh, the children dressed up, sang, danced and enjoyed delicious hamentaschen. Adar is a special month full of simcha and

Lauren Elise Bier Nursery School Celebrates Rosh Chodesh Adar

The children of the Lauren Elise Bier Nursery School at Congregation AABJ&D in West Orange had a blast celebrating Rosh Chodesh Adar! Each day leading up to Rosh Chodesh was a different silly dress up day. Monday was sports day, Tuesday was Disney day and Wednesday was pajama day. On Wednesday, for Rosh

Gan Yaldenu Tots of Bergenfield Learn About Purim

The children have been busy learning about Purim. They learned the story of Esther saving all the Jews from the wicked Haman. The children have been busy making their rashanim and their Megillot so they will be able to use it when they are in shul on Purim. They have been dressing up in costumes and dancing to

Shimi Adar Brings Bruriah Smiles on Rosh Chodesh Adar

Rosh Chodesh kicked off with a visit from the inspiring, Shimi Adar. The entire school of Middle and High School students enjoyed the dancing, singing, learning and Adar-inducing Simcha. The day of good spirits propelled the entire school into uplifting learning, team-building programs, friendship activities and

Yavneh Academy Welcomes Rosh Chodesh Adar

Rosh Chodesh Adar at Yavneh Academy began with a beautiful musical Hallel. The many silly hats throughout the building helped to contribute to the simcha of the new month. The ruach was especially felt in the lower school gym where younger students showed an incredible amount of ruach during grade-wide chagigot