Saturday, January 25, 2020

To many people it was just another Yeshiva Hockey League game, but that’s not what was going through the Frisch players’ heads prior to the game. Especially for Rafi Selevan, Jono Weitchsner, and Jacob Levy, all transfers from TABC. Year after year, Frisch hockey losing to TABC was becoming a tradition. This year would be different. The team that Frisch put together was the first team in a long time that knew they had shot at beating TABC—and not just a slim shot, but a pretty good shot.

Frisch started off the season going 4-0, but hit a slight rough patch losing two games in a row to SAR and Flatbush. The team regrouped by sailing past JEC and a thrilling overtime win against MTA, thanks to Mike Rubin’s hot stick. Since the MTA game, all that was on the players’ minds was their next game vs. TABC. The players were mentally and physically ready to take on the Storm.

The Cougars showed in the first period that they came to play. They won most of the battles in the corners, creating some good chances. The defense stood tall by not giving anything to TABC. Any shot that got by was turned away by goaltender Alex Kershenbaum, who had his best game of his career in net. The first period ended 0-0.

The second period, which is usually the Cougars’ worst, was their best period this game. TABC was trying to clear the zone, but Mike Rubin and Jacob Bach cut the TABC player off. Bach fed it to Rubin near the blue line and Rubin blasted a shot past goalie Craig Klein for a 1-0 lead. That goal extended Rubin’s goal streak to five games—someone get this kid a medal. Later on in the period TABC answered back and it was 1-1. On the next shift Frisch came out hard and scored. It was the same third line that scored the first goal, but this time it was a brilliant shot by Max Millstien, his third of the year. With about two minutes left in the second period Frisch took a penalty. TABC, whose power play was supposed to be the best in the league, only managed to get one shot on net against Frisch’s stellar play.

A mixture of aggressive fore-checking, very solid defense, and stellar goaltending resulted in one of the biggest victories Frisch hockey has had in a while. Frisch took first place in its division. The big Frisch crowd really helped pump up the players and did a fine job storming the court after the win.

The Cougars will have to carry this over into their last five games of the season, the last game at home against TABC. This is a promising year for Frisch hockey.

By Jacob Bach