Monday, January 20, 2020

(Courtesy of several MTA softball players) The MTA Lions and SAR Sting faced off on Tuesday night for an intense double header. Both games had major playoff implications. MTA was coming off a difficult loss to Heichal and really needed a win to get them into the playoffs. SAR was trying to keep their season perfect. SAR jumped to a quick three run lead in game one. MTA, determined to get the win, put two runners on base to set up an Akiva Kra (.769 avg/7 RBI) three run homer. SAR countered with five runs to get a 8-3 lead. In the top of the fifth, Dani Wolk (.600 avg) scored on a triple by Kra who then tagged up on an Akiva Boyarski sac fly. Both defenses then took over and no more runs were scored, giving SAR the win in the first game.

Game two (only to be five innings because of darkness) was a defensive showdown. Yehuda Teitelman (five complete games) dominated on the mound with many strikeouts. The outfield corps, the greatest show on turf, aided with many unbelievable catches. In the bottom of the fourth, the Lions offense came through. Avi Fessel (‘22) hit an opposite field triple to drive in two runs. Noam Steinmetz then came up clutch to bring home another run and give MTA the 3-0 lead they would hold onto. With a final score of 3-0, the Lions pulled into a five way tie for the seven seed.